7 Reasons to Take Him out of the Friend-zone ...

The friend-zone is a perilous place, so it's important to think about all the reasons to take him out of the friend-zone. Every girl has had that one guy friend she has put in the zone. That guy who they have crushed on forever and can't decide if they should take the next step with them or not. A friend-zone is a place where we put the guys we can’t see as boyfriend material. Well, I am here to tell you that a guy you put in the friend-zone might make the best boyfriend yet. So go ahead, take the plunge, and listen to these reasons you should take him out of the friend-zone

1. He Has Seen You at Your Worst

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This is probably one of the best reasons to take him out of the friend-zone. He was the guy that you went crying to when your last boyfriend ended up being a idiot. He has seen you stuff your face with chocolate, with tears streaming down your face. The best part? He still likes you. He knows that you are not perfect and you have bad days, and he doesn't care.

2. Your Friends Already like Him

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How hard is it for your friends to like your current boyfriend? Do you friends already like your BFF guy friend? The answer is simple! They know he will treat you well and that you two already have fun together. And they will absolutely give you their blessing when you two decide to take your relationship out of the friend-zone.

3. He Knows the Mistakes Your past Boyfriends Have Made

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When you broke up with all those ex-boyfriends for all different reasons, he was there listening to you complain about them. He was paying attention. That guy in the friend-zone knows what deal breakers you have in a relationship, and he will avoid them like the plague, if it means having you as his girlfriend.

4. He Knows What Makes You Smile

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He's already your friend, so he must already make you laugh and smile. He knows how to make you laugh like an idiot and he loves doing it. Being able to make you laugh is one of the most important qualities in a boyfriend! He understands your sense of humor, that's rare!

5. He Likes You for You

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This, too, is one of the most defining reasons to take him out of the friend-zone. He isn’t interested in the way you dress when you go out to a club, or how pretty you look when you are all done up. He knows the real you. The one who wears sweatpants and stays in eating ice cream with no make up on. That is the girl he likes.

6. Your Relationship is Natural

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You guys already get along and have fun together. So you two together, will be just like your friendship…just a bit more intimate. You don’t have to try too hard with him. You two just click, which is something that is so important to have in a relationship.

7. Friends Make the Best Boyfriends

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So what's the greatest reason to take him out of the friend-zone? Your boyfriend should be your best friend, so it just makes sense that your best guy friend would make the perfect boyfriend. He will be there for you, he likes you for you, and he will be a great friend. Which is all you really need in a perfect boyfriend.

There are lots of great reasons to take him out of the friend-zone, you just have to step away from the situation and look at all of his amazing qualities too. Have you ever put a guy in the friend-zone? Did you decide to take him out of the friend-zone? Let me know why you decided to date him and if he ended up being a good boyfriend.

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