3. How Does Your Guy React under Pressure?

What happens if the plane gets delayed, or the ski lift is closed? What happens if the hotel room isn't ready or the luggage gets lost? How does he react when he realizes he forgot his razor, the sunscreen or his swim trunks?

Some people will go with the flow and wing it, and are quickly able to adjust their plans. Others will complain the entire way about everything that’s gone wrong and ruin the entire mood of the vacation. How your guy deals with pressure on a vacation will tell you how he’ll deal with the curveballs life throws at him.

How Does Your Guy Get along with the Family?


AK so true, internal clock is a bigger deal than you'd think~ especially if you are the morning person. Traveling together can be a great way to see how compatibly adventurous you are, and how one ano...
Different internal clocks and it is a pain!!
So true.
Great read! Me and my boyfriend always talk about travelling before we marry!
I thought this article was fantastic
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