7 Reasons Why Bad Men Are like Junk Food ...


Bad men are like junk food – they look good, you have euphoric high when you’re together, but afterwards you are left with a bad taste in your mouth and an upset stomach. Dating bad men can become a habit, one that you need to break. By comparing the traits of men to say, a cheeseburger, you will be able to get some clarity on why you keep picking bad men, so that you can start making good choices. So stop binge dating and start looking for men that are actually good for you. Here are 7 reasons why bad men are like junk food.

1. Cheese Burgers Look Good

It all starts when you see the adverts on the TV; you are drawn into the looks and hype. Cheeseburgers advertised on the TV simply look divine and suddenly you think to yourself, I must have one of those delicious morsels. Bad men are like junk food; you see the likes of Damon from the Vampire Diaries or Chris Hemsworth and you think "I don’t care how they treat me – I want him." Well I am here to tell you girls that good looks are only skin deep. Stop picking men based on appearance and self-marketing and dig a bit deeper.

I Am an Addict for the Salt and Sugar


Does this mean all good looking men are cheeseburgers?! Why does it seem the more attractive ones are the ones with a bad attitude. Why can't there be sexy and sweet combined lol
Kaylee Heath
Really true
Ellesse Lynch
This is the best thing I've read all day!
Epic 👍👍
This honestly just made so much sense it blew my mind! Going to remember this junk food analogy for the future. I'll pick the healthy food. 😉
What if you are fat
Kaitlyn Sutherland
These were simply the best metaphors for bad boys ever. 👌
I have a boyfriend that's like chili cheese fries from Krystals!
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