7 Reasons Why Being Single is Awesome ...


Whilst I fully realise that writing a post about the reasons why being single is awesome puts me straight into the bitter category of person that we know is secretly desperate for a boyfriend, I can assure you I'm writing this because I thought it might cheer you all up, and because it really is true. I'm not one of those people that's all #singlelife etc - because we all know how annoying that is - and I'm not saying that single life is better than being in a relationship. I'm saying instead that there are pros and cons to both - and here are my reasons why being single is awesome.

1. Responsibility

The biggest, and best, of the reasons why being single is awesome - responsibility. What responsibility, you say? Well, exactly! There isn't any. You can go out whenever you like, you don't have to worry about texting or calling anyone, you don't have to divide your time between different people - your time is entirely your own.



Jill Huibregtse
Yep, def needed this today...
Yixin Loh
Almost perfect
weeping buffalo
Having been married and divorced,a brief relationship after I do know what it feels like to loose yourself in someone's expectations and needs I have been single for the last 3 years and am happier th...
Just recently had a bad breakup. This was helpful to read. Thanks!
I love the phrase 'pregnant silences' :)
All of these reasons are completely valid and I totally agree! Being in a relationship is great... Most of the time. But there are awesome perks to being single that people fail to acknowledge. I'm ...
I have loved being single from the minute my relationship ended. I really meedeed to spend time with me, to figure out what I want and need. When I recently met someone I actually caught myself thinki...
Alyssa Keiko Tsuboi
No one seems to understand that I like being single. At this point in my life, I want adventure, not to be bogged down in some typical relationship. The role of women is evolving, we don't need to go by the status queue!
Alysha K Pritner
Single is good for so many reasons...you get to find you again! Don't get me wrong love is the greatest thing ever ... But u can loose yourself in love. #TeamSingle:)
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