7 Reasons Why Date Nights Are Important ...


Once you find that special someone, it's hard to remember why date nights are important. You fall into a routine with work, maybe school, and even kids. Relationships often fall to the back burner when they should be one of the foremost priorities in your life. In fact, you may be wondering why you should date once you've snagged the relationship at all. Here are seven reasons why date nights are important, and should stay important during your relationship.

1. Keeps the Spark Alive

When you're so focused on work, kids, and just getting through the day, it's easy to miss why date nights are important. When you're in a relationship, date nights are vital to the success of your relationship. If you never go out on dates and reconnect with the person you love, the reasons you love them can slip through the cracks and be easily forgotten. When hard times come, you'll need that spark to carry you through.

Maintains Your Appearance


I was with my ex girlfriend for 2 years & in those 2 years we went on 3 date nights all of which were in our first year...Our last year, not one! And it killed our relationship, among some other thing...
Natasha Chappotin
I forwarded this article to my other half! In the last year I have been through 3 major knee surgeries and my day to day has diminished drastically . I went from being an independent woman to a comple...
Natasha Chappotin
@Redd oh how I understand what you mean! So sorry to hear about the losses you have been through.
Love this !! My husband & i have not had a date nite in about 3 years!! And you feel the stress!! This is what we need!! I have been through alot for the past 3-4 years lost family members!! brother ...
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