7. Easy

Finding someone that you actually want to date isn't that easy. If you start seeing a friend, the hard work of finding someone to date is already done. You don't have to hang around in bars hoping to meet someone worth getting to know or trawl through thousands of profiles on dating sites.

Of course you don't want to risk a friendship, but dating a friend can really pay off. You can find a deep, rewarding relationship with someone who shares your views and ambitions. Just be sure that they're interested before you make your move! Have you ever dated a friend, and how did it work out?


Joanne Rodriguez
I married my best friend this past November. In college we were strictly friends. I even tried to hook him up with some of my own friends. Then one day he said he like to dAte me. Best decision ever. ...
Isabella Coles
I've known my boyfriend for 5 years, and just celebrated our 3rd anniversary at the start of april - he truly is my best friend, and I can't imagine life without him! So grateful ☺️
I've been dating my best friend for almost a year now and it was the best decision we've both ever made
I feel like it is best to be friends first & get to know one another.... Than if both are on the same page to become lovers...
I've been dating my best friend for about two years now and it has been amazing. :) it was a little weird at first because we had been such good friends but it turned into a beautiful relationship. We're getting married soon! 😃
it won't work !! It ruins the wholeee friendship.
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