7 Reasons Why Dating Guys off Campus is Healthier ...


Have you ever considered dating guys off campus? Well, there are definitely good reasons to consider the thought. Dating someone who doesn't go to the same university as you can be a whole new experience in itself. It may be less stressful and less distracting. Here are a few reasons why dating guys off campus may be a better option for you.

1. Your off-Campus Network Grows

Dating guys off campus introduces you to people outside your college community. If you're dating a guy that already has an established career, then meeting his colleagues and friends could hook you up with the right connections. You never know who you may become acquainted with while dating someone who doesn't attend your school. Most college kids tend to mingle just among each other, but dating someone off campus gets you involved with people from various backgrounds, professions, and lifestyles.

Exposes You to Different Environments


I actually disagree with this. When you're young that closeness is important. The reason people advise breaking up with your significant other before going to college is, for one reason, because you're going to be away from each other.
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