3. You’ll Meet a Wider Circle of People

Dating online gives you the opportunity to meet people you might normally never have met in your social circle. If your friends are all college students but you’re longing to meet someone who works as a journalist, for example, your options are fairly limited. Online, you can search using various criteria and find someone who shares your passion. This is also a great way to meet people from other countries or cultures, and broaden your horizons.

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I found my current boyfriend (and love of my life) on Plenty of Fish.. Couldn't imagine not having met him! <3 He's my "one!"
I met my boyfriend on Skout! There's a ton of creepers on there, but I got lucky. We've been together nearly two years and have a beautiful daughter. 😊
I met my bf online but not on dating sight, it was just an app for chatting with people. We've been together for over a year now. Online dating gives you an opportunity to meet people you might not have met otherwise.
I met the love of my life online ❤️
I tried online dating and it was a bad experience. Most of those guys are crazy. And all they want to do is get laid. I rather meet my future bf in person better. :).
I've tried it before on a dumb little website. It's pointless and really gets you no where. And when it says "avoid awkward setup" well We all know hiding behind a computer is easier than going out an...
I'm not a fan of online dating at all. My friends have all tried it and they have all gone through many men. NONE of them have worked out, it's more like a game now. Sorry but nothing will ever convince me to date online.
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