2. It's a Waste of Money

If a relationship is hardly going to last, you're basically blowing money on stuff like gifts and dates. How many teenagers can actually say that they don't get most of their money from their parents? I mean it can be fun to spend money that isn't yours, but it doesn't feel good knowing you wasted your parents' hard earned money.



I also think it's quite patronising to teenagers; emotions felt by teenagers are no less valid than by older people
I couldn't agree less with this article. I'm 29 and have had many relationships; some short, the most recent was very long. Your teenage years are for having fun, getting to know yourself and not thin...
Lara Genovesi
I have boyfriend and I'm %100 sure it's love I feel, he's amazing so I think we'll work out, and he makes me happy - That's the main thing, right? :)
I'm 16 and in an amazing relationship with my 19 year old boyfriend. I'm a junior and he has already graduated. We both work and pay our way. I drive 89% of the time but we make it work. Honestly ...
@Erika why are you using a picture of me as your display pic?
Isabella Coles
Waiting can be worth it, i'm glad i waited til after school finished!
I'm 15 and I've already had 2 relationships, albeit short ones. I've found that, even though they didn't last, they helped my figure out what kinds of guys i like, and gave me experience on having a boyfriend, that I can honestly use later in life.
How are you supposed to identify the qualities you admire and desire within people if you don't get out on the market early and experiment? I'd rather waste my time now than my time later in a relatio...
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