9 Reasons Why Guys Choose Bad Girls First ...


Women are always trying to understand the reasons why guys choose bad girls. In the end, they usually discover they wanted a good girl all along. So why date a bad girl to begin with? While we may not like the reasons why guys choose bad girls, they do actually make sense. Whether you consider yourself good or bad, these reasons might help you understand guys just a little better.

1. Bad Seems Hotter

One of the biggest reasons why guys choose bad girls is sex appeal. Honestly, which is hotter - the quiet good girl in the background in jeans and a tee or the bad girl in the ripped jeans, tight tank and leather jacket flirting with all the guys? Guys think bad means hot. Sometimes it's hard for them to look past it. It doesn't mean you're not attractive, but bad girls tend to stand out.

They're More Outgoing


Girls do the same thing, we usually go after the bad boy, the wall of strog we have to break to see the true gentle side
Because good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught! 😂🎶
Good girls can be bad and bad girls can be good. 😇👿
Little immature boys like "bad" irresponsible girls.
Bad girl in mind not in look....... I mean bad girl sometimes masked by good one
I was always the bad girl in a good girls body... You gotta be a dark horse 😉
lol, @melody, I read that quote today
@AngelaRose, good question :) :D if a girl do-it-like-that, she's so freakin' awesome
Good girls are only bad girls who don't get caught.
Ya Tan
what is honestly bad and good, it should all be neutral - in short every girl should have a good heart , a rebellious streak a little adventure little unpredictability but nothing that would hurt othe...
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