5. It's a Challenge

Guys love challenges. Just look at how they act around their friends and you'll instantly see how competitive they are. Bad girls offer a fun, unique challenge. They play hard to get and make guys really work for it. What guys don't understand is good girls are usually harder to get. Still, bad girls seem like a bigger challenge, so they're instantly more appealing.

Heartache Feels Good


Is there any site that i can ask counsel? or chatting haha
Elena Mayuga
So that's the bottomline ... Tsk ... Hahaha
Being a bad girl doesn't make you immature and uneducated. 😒
Good girls go to haven , bad girs go everywhere . 😇😈
Valerie sliter
There is one. It's from 35 weeks ago.😊
i agree. we need a pit about how to tame a bad boy .... it would help lol
Sasa Fab
Agree with Cecily
👍 ☺️
Janet Lee
is this for teenage?lol
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