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8 Reasons Why It's Awesome to Be a Woman ...

By Lucky

Do you love being a woman? If you answered yes (yay!), you will definitely enjoy LuckyLucy's wonderful post! Thanks Lucy =)

Have you ever wondered if there are some actual advantages to being the sex you are? Like if there are any perks to being either a boy or a girl? Well luckily for you I have 8 reason to hopefully change your mind and be grateful to be a woman!

1 Bun in the Oven

While some people may say that being pregnant is over rated or it isn't all that it's hyped up to be, being pregnant is one of the most amazing and beautiful things we can experience. You get to feel the baby being created inside of you and I'm sure no words can express the feelings and emotions you acquire when you feel the baby kick or move for the very first time.

2 Gift of Life

Adding to the first reason, the second perk to being pregnant is giving birth. Sure, you go through some excruciating pain while in labor, but the gift you receive at then end of it is worth it.

3 Hair

Hair, hair, and more hair. When it comes to girls and hair I think we should consider ourselves lucky! We have such a variety of hair options that they almost seem endless. You can wear it long or short, straight or curled, up or down and don't get me started with the different color combinations. You can wear your natural hair color or dye it and if your hair cut or hair dye doesn't turn out the way you hoped for you can always add layers to your hair with a wig or extensions and hide the mistakes.

4 Makeup

Makeup combinations are also endless. One of the things I like about make-up is that you can go as neutral as possible or go and add as much color on your pretty little face as your heart desires. Makeup changes with every season giving us more variety. While some guys may wear makeup (I'm not sure they will admit to it) we girls can have fun with it and don't have to be ashamed.

5 Clothes

When it comes to clothes girls can wear either boy or girl clothing and actually get away with it and rock the outfit to the fullest! We have so many options to choose from. From, blazers, to sweaters, to shorts and long sleeve shirts, the possibilities are never ending. Or just wear you boyfriend's clothes if you run out of your own.

6 Shoes!

Just like clothes, we have so many options with shoes. We have tall or short shoes. Flats or pumps. Sandals or sneakers. Open or closed toe shoes. Guys might have a sea of sneakers to choose from but they've got nothing on us.

7 Accessories, Accessories

What goes with every outfit? Accessories. Depending on your outfit you can dress it up or dress it down with accessories. Just like clothes and shoes you have so many options. Scarvess, hats, jewelry, watches, purses, or if you simply can't choose just throw it all on.

8 "Ladies First"

Last but certainly not least, have you ever heard of the expression, "Ladies first"? Well when you're a girl you can milk this saying to the fullest. Use it in any situation you can. Afterall it's common courtesy.

Hopefully these eight reasons change your mind and make you rejoice that you're a woman. When you're a girl all the options we have are countless. There may be more perks to being a girl but these are my favorite top eight. I love being a girl!

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