7 Reasons Why It's Okay to Get Married after 40 ...


You're in your 30s and society is whispering in your ear that you need to find the "one", but today I’m going to share with you reasons why it’s okay to get married after 40. This isn’t to say it’s wrong to get married at an earlier age, but just to give support to those who want to wait.

1. Career

Being focused on advancing in your career is a great reason why it’s okay to get married after 40. Whether you’re in the military or have worked your way through medical or law school, it can be a lot of pressure to be in a committed relationship and focus on your career as well. When you need to concentrate on intricate cases or have late nights on call at the office, you don’t need someone getting mad at you for missing dinner. Some spouses understand and are great for support, but it’s okay if you aren’t ready to juggle both.



I like the part of heels and hair..i feel i get alot of attention😊
Neecey Beresford
@Colleen, Well said!
awsome article!
@Monica end up like them? Maybe they are perfectly happy and having the times of their lives. Single is not a curse.
My father\'s sisters (6 btw) are all single, they are what you could call spinsters. I\'m 34 and not married, I don\'t want to end up like them but right now I\'m just not ready for a commitment like marriage 😳
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