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Reasons Why Men Leave can be puzzling! A guy can be all over you one second and the next, he's out the door. Guys are questionable sometimes, but below, I'm going to detail out the top 7 reasons why men leave their girlfriends and what goes on in their heads! After all, you would think, there's gotta be some substantial reasons why men leave right?

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I hate to break it to you, but sometimes, one of the reasons why men leave is because they are cheating on you. I'm not saying every guy cheats, nor am I saying that this is one of the top reasons why men leave, but it does happen. If you suspect that your man is cheating, bring it up to him, talk to him about it and see what happens.



A man likes to know that he can trust his girlfriend. The second that something goes amiss or he suspects dishonesty, it can create a riff. Being dishonest with your man can be over something little or something big. For example, lying about your age is no different than lying about your past. If you're honest with your man, it'll be ten times better for your relationship!



If you're insecure about your guy leaving you and you're constantly trying to make him jealous to prove that he likes you more – it could be one of the reasons he leaves you. Guys like to feel secure in their relationship and if a girl is constantly boiling up jealous feelings, it can make a lot of tension. So ladies, chill out on the jealousy and just be secure in your relationship!



Typically, when a guy actually enters into a relationship and things get serious, he constantly is seeking his girlfriend's approval. If you're constantly indifferent and don't get excited when he is, it could mean that he is on his way out the door. Remember, a guy has a really sensitive ego, so make sure that you give in sometimes and mirror his moods!


Constant Nagging

Nagging in a relationship is going to happen. It's one thing to nag though and another to constantly nag about everything. The Better Half and I have this discussion all the time. Ladies, if he's doing or not doing something that you need, talk to him about it in a calm way, don't nag him about it constantly.



Bad days happen to everyone. I had one recently that was just horrific! If you are constantly having bad days though and are constantly negative, it might be time to stop taking it out on your man and to take some much needed girl time!


She's Unappreciative

Finally, if your man is feeling ignored, if he is feeling that he isn't appreciated, it's definitely one of the top reasons for him to leave. Men like to know that their women love them and that they are appreciated! So ladies, show 'em some love!

There are tons of reasons why men leave, but these are the top 7. If you have a feeling that your man might be looking for a reason to leave, take a look at this list and see if these are any of the reasons! Do you have any other reasons why men leave to add to the list? Did I miss any?

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I suspect that my man left me because after 4.5 months together I told him about my medical condition (and it\'s even not a disease!), and he became afraid that the minor limitations I\'ve got because of this condition were too much for him... I admit I did a little drama of it, I actually told him about it because I panicked it was getting worse, so I cried and told him. He initially expressed a lot of support, and then it got better, and I was feeling good, I\'ve just started to mention some medicament and my limitations because I felt it\'s no secret anymore... And then he left all of a sudden and without explanation... I think he;s just a jerk. I\'d leave leave a man love because of such a thing...

Been talking to a guy for over a month we've been texting each other 24/7 for the past month and last week he stopped texting as much as he used he just say hi good morning etc not much

* I\'d never leave a man I love

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