8 Reasons Why Nice Guys Make the Best Boyfriends ...


8 Reasons Why Nice Guys Make the Best Boyfriends ...
8 Reasons Why Nice Guys Make the Best Boyfriends ...

The age old question: why date nice guys? Bad boys are so appealing, so easy to find and they tend to finish first right? If you've been looking to answer the why date nice guys question, I've got the reasons below! Below, I'm going to go over the top 8 reasons on why to date nice guys and why they should finish first! After all, why date nice guys is a good question right?

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First and foremost, the nicest guys in the world are the most thoughtful. They know your schedule, take into account when you are stressed and know when you're having a bad day. They are sensitive to your moods and how you are feeling. They could send you anything from flowers to just a little card or note to let you know that they are thinking about you. It's absolutely one of the best reasons on why to date nice guys.


Take Your Feelings into Account

Another great thing about nice guys is that they actually appreciate your feelings and take them into account. If you are feeling down, it affects them and they just want to brighten up your day. This is absolutely another reason on why to date nice guys and why it is so easy to marry one of them. They are sensitive and care!


More Upfront about Emotions

Typically, the nice guys are a little bit more up front about exactly what they are feeling. This is another reason on why to date nice guys. You don't have to dig and really constantly get after them to get their true emotions out of them. Nice guys typically hang their heart on their sleeve and are willing to open up a lot easier.


Doesn't Make a Relationship Harder

A relationship is hard. Working at it is harder and to be honest, a nice guy doesn't typically make a relationship harder. That's the best part about dating a nice guy! So girls, if you are looking for a relationship that is a little bit easier, then you'll want to try one with a nice guy!


Wants to Brighten Your Day

A nice guy is one of those guys that will actually try to brighten your day instead of making it more difficult. One of the reasons why to date nice guys is because they will honestly try to make your day so much easier. Whether it is simply making dinner for you or rubbing your back so you feel better.


Wants to Get to Know You

When a nice guy is dating a girl, they want to get to know them personally, want to actually get to know their very personalities and what makes them tick. That's actually one of the very best reason on why to date nice guys! They want to know your mind and how it works, not just the physical side.


Constant Stream of Flowers

It's a known fact that almost all nice guys love to surprise their girlfriends with flowers. If you are a girl that is really looking for the sweet, nice guy that will constantly surprise her with flowers, dating a nice guy is a great option for you! Also, this is one of the best reasons on why to date nice guys!


You Can Trust Him

Finally girls, typically nice guys are so much more committed than bad boys. When you are dating a nice guy, you know that you'll be able to trust him and that he does only want to be with you. Trust me girls, this is hard to find and this is one of the most important reasons on why to date nice guys!

So girls, have you learned why to date nice guys? These are my top 8 reasons why to date nice guys, but what are some of your reasons? Share 'em below!

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8 Reasons Why Nice Guys Make The Best Boyfriends ...lets read this (via Twitter)

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