8 Reasons Why Opposites Attract ...

Why opposites attract can seem something of a mystery. We all know a couple who seem, on paper, to be a complete mismatch, yet somehow they work beautifully as a pair. Love is certainly a mysterious thing! So how do we explain why opposites attract, when we?re told that we need to find a partner who matches our background and likes? Here are some of the potential reasons why opposites attract …

1. Complementary

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We shouldn?t need a partner to make us a complete person. However, a partner who is different from us can complement the person that we are. In other words, their differences enhance us and our lives. If you?re shy, having an outgoing partner can compensate for that and even make social occasions easier for you.

2. Encouragement

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Sometimes opposites attract because we?re subconsciously looking for someone who has qualities that we admire and would like to have ourselves. Being with such a partner can open up new possibilities. For example, an active, dynamic person may appeal as they can encourage us to achieve more, and try out new experiences.

3. Non-Narcissus

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Remember Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection? It certainly didn?t do him any good! Falling in love with someone who is different from you physically could be a good thing, as it shows you appreciate people with different looks and aren?t egotistical! Who wants to be thought too much in love with themselves …

4. Enjoy the Difference

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When opposites attract it gives both partners the opportunity to experience life with someone unlike themselves. This can be a real bonus when it comes to relationships. Sure, we need to have things and values in common, but it?s also positive to be exposed to new ideas and different attributes from our own.

5. Genetics

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Different Immune system means that children born to a couple will have the best protection against illnesses. Having similar genes increases the probability that the woman will be inclined to look elsewhere, in order to give her offspring better chances of survival. Perhaps we?re not so different from animals, after all!

6. Compensation

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Another advantage of a relationship where opposites attract is that the other person may compensate for things you?re not so great at, and vice versa. Maybe you?re a disaster in the kitchen, and he?s a great cook. So you take care of the finances, which he?s hopeless with. We?ve all got different talents, and can bring something to the relationship.

7. Alternative Appeal

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Ever noticed that you seem to fall for the same time of guy? Have all your boyfriends fallen into the category of ?bad guys?, or do you go for blondes, geeks or men who can fix things? Whatever they have in common, you may subconsciously be drawn to men who are completely different from you. Their appeal can be in that very difference.

8. New Experiences

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Falling for someone who has a completely different character or background to our own can make life difficult, depending on the mix. But it can also open up a whole new world. Their different hobbies, interests and attitudes can expose us to a variety of new experiences. This can enhance our lives by taking us out of familiar territory, and also show us how to see things differently.

Opposites attract for a variety of reasons, and this kind of relationship can be very successful. Both partners need to be open-minded, accept the differences and see the benefits that they bring. Falling for bad boys, however, can just be damaging. Still, don?t dismiss the idea of having a relationship with someone who?s the complete opposite of you – not only can it be very positive, but you may have more in common than you think! Have you ever found that opposites attract – did it work out happily for you?

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