8 Reasons Why Women Can Date Younger Men ...


8 Reasons Why Women Can Date Younger Men ...
8 Reasons Why Women Can Date Younger Men ...

These days, it's not unusual for women to be dating younger men. Yet women who do this get comments in a way that their male counterparts never do. Younger men are often stereotyped as stupid and immature, while the women who date them are labelled "cougars." However, these relationships can work very well. Here are some great reasons why dating younger men is just fine …

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Equal Opportunities

What's sauce for the goose is quite definitely sauce for the gander when it comes to dating younger men. Guys quite happily have much younger girlfriends, and there is no reason why women can't have younger boyfriends. It's the 21st century, and we should demand equality in dating!


Know What We Want

Many younger guys have said to me that they prefer older women because we know what we want. That's not to say that younger women don't know, but one advantage of getting older is that you are more sure of yourself. You have worked out what you want in life and what you look for in a relationship.


It's Fun

Dating a younger guy can be a lot of fun! If you're not looking for a long-term relationship, they can give you a great opportunity to enjoy dating without a serious aim in mind. Some of them can also make wonderful long-term partners, and they can bring fun into your life in a way that older guys may not do.


Age Doesn't Matter

People can scoff at women dating older guys, and say that it won't work out. Certainly we've all heard the stories of women who go on vacation and get fleeced by a guy looking for easy cash. But don't dismiss all younger guys as con men. If someone is right for you, it doesn't matter how old they are.



Maturity is not a negative attribute. It brings us many benefits, and allows us to offer a lot to a relationship. That can be really attractive to a guy, which is why there are quite a lot who appreciate older women. We are confident and happy in our skin. This confidence shows, and guys love it!


A Lot to Offer

The definition of "middle-aged" and "old" have changed dramatically in recent years. Women take care of themselves, and as a consequence look good for much longer. So not only are we more attractive for longer, but we also have the emotional stability and confidence to complement our looks. That's really appealing!


Keeps Us Young

There's nothing like dating a younger guy to rejuvenate you! Having a younger boyfriend helps keep us young. We are already more youthful than our mothers would have been at the same age. It's also flattering to know that a younger man finds you attractive and wants to be with you.



Confidence definitely grows as you get older. That makes us very interesting partners. So the only thing that is stopping us dating younger guys is the fear of what people might say. Show some of that confidence, and date who you want. Who cares what anyone else thinks!

If you're going to date a younger man, you have to be smart. As with any relationship, you need to keep your head and not get carried away. Sure, there are guys who just want a Mrs Robinson fantasy, or who think that you'll pay for everything. But there are also plenty of great younger guys out there, and no reason why you can't date them! Have you ever been in an age-gap relationship?

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A guy I've sort of had a thing with for almost a year. He's like really amazing but he only texts me. So I might say this to him; "Hey, I was just wondering, but where do we stand right now? In our relationship. I'm honestly confused. Like we text but that really isn't a relationship is it? I would really love to talk to you sometimes. But I'm scared. That I might get my heartbroken. If you love me, could you tell it to my face?" Would that be good? Or is that too much?

I think there are a few exceptions when it comes to dating younger men, some younger men are really experienced and stable in nurturing a real relationship but thats a small percentage, I think whats most important is a woman knowing who she is and looking out for valuable qualities in a man whether old or young but dont date a younger guy to feel alive, thats would just break you so bad when things get bad...

I am so deeply in love with a man fifteen years younger. He is so pragmatic, so wise, my Baby Rumi, so hot, so cute, so spiritual...had I not had another amazing much younger man hit on me last year, I don't think I would have hit on Baby Rumi...time will tell...

I have been dating a great guy who is 10yrs younger than me for over a year, we've been friends for 6 yrs. Honestly, I don't think either one of us even notice the age difference. Best relationship I've ever been in.

Good for you

Last year I meet this woman that I'd see every now I'd see jogging on the trail who'd always give a warm friendly smile which always made me feel good every time I saw her and her smile. I wanted to thank her for her smile so I bought 4 white roses and wrote a letter telling her how much I like her smile (I'm a introvert and a letter was the only way I could tell her and ask her if she'd like to get to know me) When I gave her them I wasn't expecting this but she me a big old kiss (first kiss) and several more that day. Sometime later she decided to get to know me and it appears we have a bit in common and she understands my introversion/being different and I learned she is about 9 years older than me. We'd see each other now and then for the first few months then I saw her only like 3 times over a several months. Last time I saw her was in October and she told me "I still have those roses you gave me" and I didn't know what to say/react at that moment until after we departed, but for some reason I feel she loves/likes me a lot because she kept them. I don't have her contact info, but I have a feeling she'll be waiting for me on that trail when it gets warmer. I've always felt out of sync with my own generation and that's why I'm glad I've meet someone older than me and I feel more connected with her than I'd feel with some other woman my age.

My hubby is 8 years younger than I am and we have been together for 5 years this coming June and just had our 3 year wedding anniversary and we have 2 kids together and I know first hand how true this is!! We are very much in love and very happy!! Couldn't ask for more (:

It's more about maturity and compatibility, instead of age. I had a horrible experience dating someone 15 years younger. Horrible.

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