21 Reasons Why Women Date Older Men ...


Dating Older Men is exciting isn't it? They are typically better in bed, more experienced with women and have more money than the average guy. These are just the basic of why women want to go on dating older men versus younger men, but ladies, there are other reasons Below, I've got the top 21 reasons why dating old men is awesome and why older men are a great choice!

1. More Established

Although dating a younger guy can be fun and exciting, typically when you are dating older men, you can tell that they are more established. They typically have a house or a really nice condo, have a great career and have money in savings. This is super attractive versus a 20-something guy that might not have all of those things!



@User, I'm 19 my boyfriend is 48 we have a 9month old daughter together!!! We've been to gather since I was 16!!! But he's not made of $ he's a machanic!!!!!
Cindy waha Makhado
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yep, i prefer mature, experienced and considerate guys!!!
that is very true, older men can make their own decisions unlike younger men they have to ask what to do from their parent or maybe guardians.
becareful because I married an older man who pretend very well, soon we sing the papers he change totally!!!
Very true indeed! I am with an older man and he is great!! It's mentally challenging! We can have grown up conversations too! And what's very interesting is that he understand things like career and others... He is so mature!
Yea i agree too, i am with an older man. He appreciates me, understands me better, no more freaky games and keep him on his toes. He wanna marry me, take care of me and have children and hold me forev...
So true. The guy I'm dating is extremely intelligent, polite, and on the right track to a wonderful career! :)
yes!!! i'm currently dating an older man and i got the premium upgrade with bonus features. my boyfriend before him was a year younger than me and actually left me for my roommate in college! go figure. older guys are the way to go
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