7 Reasons Why You Should Give Him Another Chance ...


7 Reasons Why You Should Give Him Another Chance ...
7 Reasons Why You Should Give Him Another Chance ...

When thinking about reconciling with your ex-boyfriend, there are many good reasons why you should give him another chance. If breakups are confusing, reconciliations can be just as bad. He may be calling all the time leaving long voicemails, professing his love and begging you to forgive him but should you? I’m going to help clarify your post-breakup confusion by sharing with you some of the reasons why you should give him another chance.

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The Reasons That You Broke up Are Gone

Think of the important reasons that led to the demise of your relationship and ask yourself if these reasons are gone. One of the reasons why you should give him another chance, is if the problems that caused the old relationship to fail no longer exist. If these issues are still there, you risk repeating the past relationship which will lead to another heartbreak down the road.


He’s Committed and so Are You

If your ex is committed to making things work, consider taking him back. One of the ways you will know he is serious about getting back together is if he is willing to do whatever it takes to make a relationship successful this time around. Both of you must be willing to change any past behavior that was creating problems in your relationship. If your heart isn’t into it anymore and you don’t think its worth it, let him find happiness elsewhere.


You Forgive Him

The end of a relationship can bring many unpleasant feelings to the surface, especially anger and resentment. If you are still filled with rage towards your ex because of the breakup or the reasons that caused it, you need more time to process your thoughts. If you were to reconcile at this point, you risk poisoning the new relationship with this old baggage. But if you have reached that stage where anger has subsided and are able to forgive him, consider giving him another chance.


He’s a Good Guy

Ask yourself if your ex is a good guy. Consider the qualities he has and the things that he is able to bring to a relationship. If he is a good guy overall, then you might not want to let this one get away because good guys can be hard to find. On the otherhand, if he’s abusive in any way, you can do better girls.


Think of Your Life

Think objectively about the way your old relationship affected your life. It may even help to do a pros vs. cons list on a sheet of paper. Ask yourself if your life was better or worse because this guy held a romantic role in it. Once you are able to answer that question, you are closer to knowing if this is the guy you need and want in your life.


A Better or Worse You

Think of the influence your ex had on you throughout your relationship. Did his presence make you become a better person or did you turn into someone you didn’t even recognize? Did he inspire you to reach your goals and supported your dreams or was your future unimportant to him? If you had a daughter, is this the type of guy you would want her to be with?


Consider Your Feelings

After all of the above questions have been cleared up in your mind, consider how you feel about him now that you aren’t together. Ask yourself if you are still deeply in love with him and see a future with him. Sometimes only platonic feelings remain after a couple breaks up. If you think you love him enough to give him another chance, then it may be time to get back together.

So ladies, I hope you give yourself plenty of time to think over all of the issues I raised. If he’s still deeply in love with you, he will respect that you need time to think things over and won’t rush you. Can you think of any other things a girl should consider when thinking about giving a guy another chance?

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How about your ex boyfriend giving you a chance?

Did you start the arguements with accusations or was he really disrespectful and caused you to act out if your character?

i give my boyfriend so meny chance he blow them up what should i do

you finally find out after he gets physical

Was he complacent or was he wanting to better himself.

What if there's no more trust? That's hard to built up again .. Decision.

what if your relationship is new just decided on marriage an he is secretly talking to another lady ?

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