3. You May Only Be Trying to Fill a Void

If you’ve recently been burned by a past relationship or maybe have been going through some difficult times in your own personal life, you may only be seeking a man’s love because you want to fill a void in your heart.

If a guy so much as shows you a little attention or kindness, don’t jump into his arms and say you’re in love. You don’t love him. You love the idea of him; you love the attention he’s giving you. When a man sees how vulnerable a woman is, he will more often than not simply take advantage of her. Don’t allow a man to dictate your emotions.

You Are Young: Choose Carefully


So true!!
Im gonna be 22 and have never been in love because of these reasons. This couldnt be more true
I gave my heart away too quickly to my ex and got my heart broken. Never again
Really helpful thanks
Totally agree! Thanks for this! After a break up, this is what i need :D
Tam N P Nguyen
Good tips.thx
Kiki Perry
@Carm i agreed !
Kiki Perry
Like seriously i need these tips and really helpfull :) thanks !
So true !!!
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