7 Perfect Reasons to Stay Home on Valentine's Day ...


7 Perfect Reasons to Stay Home on Valentine's Day ...
7 Perfect Reasons to Stay Home on Valentine's Day ...

You don't have to dress to the nines and head off to a fancy restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A lot of wonderful things can be done in the cozy comfort of your home. I seldom go out on Valentine’s night and these are the reasons why:

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Absurd Traffic

photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, monochrome, All hell breaks loose as every street and road is awash with vehicles in different sizes and colors. It takes so much time to get from home to the mall, where there is alfresco dining. Road traffic is crazy, not to mention the possibility of vehicular accidents that will slow down the flow of traffic. It's a very stressful situation. Not a very nice feeling on the day that you're supposed to celebrate love.


Everyone's out

photograph, black, black and white, facial expression, monochrome photography, It's noisy. Even when you're in a fancy restaurant, expect the need to raise your voice beyond normal speaking level so your date can hear you. Not very romantic unless your idea of a romantic dinner involves screaming at each other and repeating what you said more than three times. If you're commuting, brace yourself for long taxi lines that will have you waiting for hours and hours. If you still want to go out on Valentine’s night, keep these scenarios in mind.


Expensive Dinners

drink, bar, fun, alcohol, event, The price of a set meal goes overboard and before you even know it, you walk out of the restaurant with only 10 dollars in your wallet. If you can afford it and you really think you should do it, then go ahead. Otherwise, skip the fancy table setting and just head to Burger King. Better yet, enjoy homemade burgers with extra slices of cheese.


Home Cooked Meals

photograph, black and white, hand, shoulder, photography, Ah, the wonders of home baked muffins and brownies. Or spaghetti sauce and homemade meatballs prepared with the freshest ingredients and the loving effort of your Mom or your husband. This is a whole lot better than a plated meal that only waves its hand at your monthly pay and then proceeds to empty your already broke bank account.


Movie Marathon

photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, snapshot, It's free and you don't have to compete with other movie goers for a seat in the cinema. Microwave some popcorn, take out those DVDs (mushy or scary), turn off those lights and press the play button. Enjoy! The best thing is you don't need to worry about traffic or going home late.

Famous Quotes

Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.


Backyard Dining

interaction, event, girl, I believe that the reason why many of us associate ourselves with certain brands and restaurants is because we feel a personal connection with them. There is a slice of home or yourself in these places. Backyard dining, especially if you have a garden, is a great way to skip the maddening crowd and celebrate Valentine’s Day in the comforts of your backyard. Candlelit dinner is possible. No need for reservations. Just a fervent prayer that it doesn't rain should you plan your dinner under the beautiful moon and stars.


Family Love

performance, performing arts, team, If you're single, don't get depressed because all of your friends already plan to go out to watch 50 Shades of Grey with their respective lovers. (Apart from Valentine's Day, that movie based on the book is another overrated creation). Think that February 14 is also a day to celebrate with family. Your parents and siblings are people who will accept you no matter how much you screw up.

Anyone here staying home on Valentine’s Day?

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And that's what I'm planning to do!

Same here. Why do we need one day to show ppl we love them. Never was into it.

We dont believe in the hype of valentines day either, but I still want to make a really nice dinner for him with a few candles to set the mood. Plus Id rather be home anyways because its All star Weekend. So Its a win win.

My boyfriend doesn't believe in Valentine's Day so were staying at home.

Staying in with hubby, and daughter still to sick to go out. 😊

We are having a pizza party with our family and our your youngest daughter and her husband are going to review the sex of their baby!

Eh, I'm going out

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