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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Rush into a Relationship ...

By Alison

Have you learned the hard way the reasons why you shouldn't rush into a relationship? Coming out of a relationship is invariably difficult, and you may miss having a partner so much that you look for a new partner before you're really ready. This rarely works out well. So if you haven't already made this mistake, remember these reasons why you shouldn't rush into a relationship in the future …

1 Rebound

One reason why you shouldn't rush into a relationship is if you've just come out of another one. Rebound relationships rarely succeed, because you're not over your ex and nor are you ready to be with someone else. It's important to take time to come to terms with a relationship ending before you embark on a new one.

2 Wrong Choices

Rushing into a relationship can be a sign that you're in the habit of making wrong choices. Perhaps you've ended your last relationship because you met someone else. Or you may rush into relationships because you fall in love without taking the time to get to know someone properly. It's true that you can't really know someone until you date them - but you should at least try to get some idea of the kind of person they are before committing yourself.

3 No Need

Relationships can be wonderful, and we all enjoy that feeling of being loved and wanted. But we don't need to be with someone; we can manage perfectly well on our own. If you find being on your own difficult, you need to learn to cope without a partner - a relationship should enhance your life, not be something you can't live without.

4 Time out

When a relationship comes to an end, you should always take time out. It's never wise to rush from one to another. You need time to adjust to the changes in your life and the end of something that you may have hoped would last forever. Learn to know the difference between wanting a relationship, and when you're really ready for one.

5 Worth Waiting

Like most good things, a decent relationship is well worth waiting for. If you're in a hurry, you're less likely to find that and more likely to get yourself into one that's unfulfilling and doesn't give you what you really want. It's not a race, so put the brakes on and wait for someone who really captures your interest and is right for you.

6 Needy

Work out how much time you've spent as a single person. If you've had a number of relationships, with very little time in between, this could indicate that you're too needy to be able to handle being single. This isn't healthy emotionally. Do you really want to be the needy person who just can't hack being alone, or would you rather be a strong independent woman?

7 Repeat Mistakes

Finally, be wary if you're making the same kind of mistake every time. Do you continually fall for guys who turn out to be completely wrong for you? Take a step back before you charge headlong into another relationship, and see if there are any patterns that you can learn from.

Some rushed relationships do work very well, but on the whole, patience is the better option. Wait for the right person to come along! Have you rushed into a relationship that went really wrong, or beautifully right?

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