4. They'll Never Respect You

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Cheaters never respect their partners. If there aren't consequences, they feel like it's okay to walk all over you. Even if you yell at them and get upset, staying simply tells them it's okay to cheat. Leaving them proves you respect yourself. You shouldn't have to stay in a situation where your partner doesn't respect you or where you don't respect yourself.

Be a Role Model


Lolz a lot of women still apparently have the "I can totally fix him" attitude.
I'm not condoning cheating at all, sometimes it happens and you should kick the guy to the curb. But mistakes do happen, we are only human. There are so many different stages of a relationship, not al...
I needed this
Catrina Haider
I have been cheated on in every single relationship I have ever had. Most recently my ex-husband of 21 yrs. He was in the reserves and once a year he would travel to a different base around the world ...
I agree thats so true
I think the article was great. I have to agree.
My boyfriend has cheated however our relationship is stronger than ever. I have learnt to trust him instead of asking why he did it, if you keep putting in their head there is more of a chance that they will do it again. Forgive and forget.
Everyone is different and everyone's relationship is different. This article was way to general and kept putting pathetic ideals
I was (key word "was") married to a cheater.....I kicked him to the curb. Guess what? He married the woman he had an affair with and then he cheated on her!! Sooo...once a cheater, always a cheater. H...
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