9. Causes Permanent Stress

I've had friends who have gotten divorces and one of the guys complained that his wife was always trying to change him. From pushing him to get a different job to hanging out with her friends instead of his to even changing his hairstyle, she was never satisfied. This put a constant strain on the relationship.

He was always agitated and she always felt like he didn't love her enough. The stress finally got to be too much and they parted ways.

If something really bothers you about your guy, talk to him about it calmly. He's much more likely to change if you ask nicely. Trying to force him to change or training him is a great way to lose the man of your dreams. Have you ever tried to change a guy?


Clarice Ramos
Yes.. I know it sounds like a cliche', but we all deserve someone better than a douchebag gurl!
This was awesome... Reality check!!!
My fiancΓ© is a wonderful person, but his parents are horrible & never encouraged him to have dreams or to use his potential & I wasn't raised like that. Through teamwork, encouragement, support, love...
@I_heartBrooklyn why would you even want to change a man like that? you should just walk away gurl.
You shouldn't try to change anyone but you also shouldn't settle. My ex needed to change, but wouldn't. A complete drunk, porn addict, and compulsive liar! I obviously wasn't able to change him but my life has been nothing but better now that we're done.
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