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Ladies, there are real reasons you are not having sex right? It can be disinterest, your bed not being sex, all the way to your feelings may have changed. Are you not having sex and you're looking for reasons you are not having sex right now? Well, I've got 'em! I've got the top 9 reasons you are not having sex right now and how you might be able to cure your not having sex hangover!

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Your Bed Isn't Sexy

Did you know that the state of your bed/bedroom can actually make you want or not want to have sex? It's not about your sheets or even the décor, but it could be everything from the scent of your room all the way to how clean it is. Also, one of the reasons you are not having sex could be because you are constantly bringing your laptop to bed. Leave your laptop alone and have sex!


No Sex Drive

One of the major reasons you are not having sex could be because of your sex drive! Do you feel like you want to have sex? If not, you might want to talk to your doctor about it. Who knows, maybe it is a medication you are taking or maybe, it could be something a little deeper.


Busy, Busy, Busy

One of the reasons you are not having sex could boil down to the fact that you are busy! Ladies, remember, if you are in a relationship though, you want to make sure that you make time to be romantic and intimate with your partner though. This could mean setting aside time every week or even just making sure that you have sex at least once a week.


No Comfortable with Your Body

We all feel insecure about our bodies, but if you are truly not comfortable at all and have a problem with self esteem, that could be one of the reasons you are not having sex. Whether you wear something that makes you feel confident or you simply turn up the confidence and know that you are sexy!


Your Feelings Have Changed

If you're with someone and you just aren't feeling the same about him as you were before, it could absolutely be one of the major reasons you are not having sex with your partner. You have to feel that spark, that connection, it could be a trigger that you don't want to have sex with them anymore.



Do you constantly feel down in the dumps ladies? Do you constantly feel that you just don't want to have sex because you are depressed? Depression could absolutely be the root cause of why you aren't having sex.


No Connection with Your Man

Remember #5? Well, the connection piece is extremely important too! You want to not only make sure that you are feeling the same about your boy, but also that you feel connected. If you don't feel that connection, it could absolutely be one of the reasons you are not having sex.


You like Your Vibrator More

Sometimes ladies, the vibrator just feels better than the real thing! Sometimes, you just want to please yourself right? Well girls, if your man is feeling neglected, you might want to ditch the vibrator and go for the real thing once in a while!


You Have No Energy

Finally, the last reason you are not having sex is simply because you could be really tired. Your life might be extremely busy and you just don't feel the need or the desire to have sex. Ladies, try to get a full night's rest, try to really take care of yourself and you should have all kinds of energy to get up to sex!

As you can see, there are a lot of different reasons you are not having sex. It could be anything from depression all the way to no connection. So ladies, what are some of the other reasons you are not having sex? Can you think of any?

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my boyfriend is religious and he's the one who told me that he wants to wait until after marriage to have sex. i was fine with that. but when we came home after our first year of college (and after a bad argument that had us not speaking to each other for a month or two), he wanted to have sex. it was my first time and his, and it was a little awkward. and when i asked him why he suddenly wanted to, he said because he felt like i was the one for him, and he didn't want to lose me (what i heard was "i want to have sex with you so you'll stay with me"). fast forward a year, we haven't had sex since. we've come close, then he just stops. i want to, but we just don't. we don't have a sex life…. advice?

How to try to avoid sex ??

HI Ashabella! I totally know the feeling, however have you tried to just build your confidence? That is the key -- if he believes you are beautiful, you need to believe it too!

Number 8 is horrible lol

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