7 Reassuring Things to Tell Yourself when You're Fighting with Your Man ...

It’s upsetting when you’re fighting with your man. You’ve got all kinds of emotions going on. You may feel angry, frustrated and hurt along with many other feelings. One emotion that usually stands out is concern over your relationship. These are 7 reassuring things you can tell yourself when you’re in the midst of a fight with your man.

1. We Still Love Each Other

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If your relationship is a deeply committed one then you know that you still love each other, even in the midst of a fight. Unless the fight is over something very serious, it’s unlikely that your feelings for each other will be affected. Sure, you may feel angry or hurt but those are feelings that’ll fade. They’re temporary emotions.

2. Everyone Fights

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This is a truth that’s helpful to realize. Everyone fights. If you’re going to be a couple in a committed relationship then this’ll include you, at least from time to time. Fighting just means that you have differing opinions on a subject that’s ended in conflict. This is to be expected because you’re two different people.

3. We’ll Work This out

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This one’s especially comforting. You know you’ll work the issue out because you love each other. That’s what couples in love do. You love each other enough to work through whatever you’re arguing about. This usually takes some understanding and compromise by both parties.

4. Look What We’ve Overcome

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In any good relationship, there’re things that you’ve worked through successfully. You’ve probably even come out a better and stronger couple because of them. Reminding yourself of the issues you’ve faced and successfully worked through can be a comforting thought. You’ve overcome a lot and you can take pride in that. You can also let that fact reassure you that you’ll work through this issue, too.

5. This Can Make Us Stronger

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Although arguments are no fun, there’s a silver lining to them. They can actually make you stronger as a couple. Finding resolution to something you’re in disagreement over may take a few arguments. But that’s a small price to pay if you find a way to permanently solve the issue. Remembering that an argument can bring you closer to being the couple you want to be is helpful.

6. Making up Will Be Fun

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While not as deep of a thought as some of the others listed here, there’s no denying the truth of this statement. Making up is fun. You know that you have that to look forward to when you’re fighting. It’s not worth the argument just for the sake of making up. But why not enjoy it if you’ve had an argument? It’s nice to have that reconnection with each other.

7. That You, Yourself Will Be Okay

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Lastly, you should remind yourself that you’re going to be okay. Regardless of how the argument ends, you’ll be fine. Even if the worst happens and you do break up, you’re a strong enough girl that you’ll go on and find happiness again. Of course this isn’t what you want but you need to know that even if it happens, you’ll be fine. It’s good to remind yourself of that.

These are 7 reassuring things to tell yourself when you’re fighting with your man. How do you reassure yourself in this situation? You’re welcome to share what helps you.

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