7 Relationship Goals Every Long-Lasting Couple Should Have ...


If you're with the man you intend to spend the rest of your life with, you should set some relationship goals for the two of you. They don't have to be anything serious, like getting married or having kids. They should just be fun activities that you can eventually cross off the list. Here are some adorable relationship goals every long-lasting couple should have:

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Take a Disney Vacation

How much fun would it be to take a trip to Disney (or Hawaii, or Paris) with your partner? Even if you hate plane rides, you'll have fun, because you'll get to joke around with your boyfriend for the whole flight. You'll even be able to sleep on his shoulder when you run out of energy--not to mention that you'll have an entire hotel room to yourselves once you reach your destination!


Go to a Music Festival

Don't you want to sit on your boyfriend's shoulders while he walks you around the beach? A music festival would be a blast for any couple, even if they're not the biggest fans of any bands. When they don't feel like listening to tunes, they can go get some food or party it up!


Take a Class

At some point in your relationship, you need to take a class together. You can learn how to ballroom dance in preparation for your wedding. You could learn to cook, so that you two can split your culinary duties. You could even learn how to pole dance together!


Go Camping

It doesn't matter how much you hate the great outdoors. You two should try to spend a night together in a tent (or even in an RV). You'll either learn that anything is fun when you're with your mate, or you'll learn that you two need Netflix in order to survive as a couple. Either way, it'll teach you something.


Visit a Museum

It's time to dress up and play the part of a cultured couple who knows all about artwork. Even if you're both clueless, it'll be fun to pretend to know what you're doing. If you don't end up having a good time at the museum, you could always go home and try to finger paint to create your own artwork.


Sing Karaoke

It's time to make a fool of yourself! Get up on stage and sing a corny duet with your partner. Just make sure that your friends get it on tape so that you can watch it again and again. It doesn't matter how horrible your voices are, because everyone will be too busy paying attention to how adorable you are as a couple.


Adopt a Pet

Every couple wants a cute puppy that they can raise together as a team. You two will get to teach it how to go potty outside, how to fetch, and how to sleep in your bed without getting crushed. If you two aren't ready for a dog, then you can at least get a fish. It won't be as exciting, but it'll still make you feel like responsible parents.

If you're going to spend the rest of your life with your partner, you should start planning out some fun events for the future. It'll give you something to look forward to. What are your relationship goals?

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We're going to Disney in June :)

We just recently got engaged and so far we have planned to definitely get away not particular disney although that would be fun but we are going somewhere. We also would love to get a house. And we plan on taking dance classes and going to the beach more. Definitely depends on the couple though.

I have been happily married for 23 years and the only of these things that we have done is going to lots of museums... I think it all depends on the things you personally enjoy doing, there are no rules.

That sounds amazing. Especially Disney trip, I will need to convince Sam, but maybe just ComicCon for us

Really? These sound like relationship goals for 14-year olds, they're just fun activities to do together, not quite "goals"...

I been single for a long time still waiting for the right one & nothing yet so idk now I am smart college guy &I work I am 23 going to be 24 I am Larry

On a budget this holiday, but karaoke might be a laugh! Hehe! :D

Love the picture of Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez! They are so perfect together!

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