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Us girls are always trying to find relationship tips, but did you know that there are actually relationship tips for teenage guys out there too? Guys, pay attention! These relationship tips for teenage guys are all revolving around building relationships and really dating the girl of your dreams. Remember guys, you don't always have to rush things! These tips are designed for dating and relationships, so take a look!

1. Friends First

Being friends with her first is absolutely one of the top relationship tips for teenage guys and one that they should take to heart. Truthfully guys, you can't expect a girl to just be your girlfriend right off the bat. You've got to be friends with her first and see if you can develop some type of close relationship there.

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Heather Jensen
Yes, I absolutely do! I think that being honest at any stage is going to benefit you!
Cindy K
@Heather Jensen Do you think just being honest with a guy about your feelings if he is going to college in 2months is the right thing?
If only some teenage guys would read this, I wish they would cause some sure do need these advice !
Madison B
@Elissa everyone has somebody who is perfect for them:) eventually!
*sigh* if only more guys would be on this site..
Heather Jensen
Aww! I'm so sorry! :( I bet you find Mr. Right soon though!
@Heather Jensen haha the first guy I liked became a total stoner and the second was a player :( sad times haha
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thank you for the comment Hannah! :)
Hannah Shuler
This really should be taught in school!
yana g
So true! Especially 1 and 7
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