Remember These 7 Things if You Love a Sensitive Person ...


Some people are more sensitive than others. They might get their feelings hurt more easily, and they might shed a tear quicker than other people. If this doesn't apply to you and you consider yourself a tough cookie, being in a relationship with someone who’s more sensitive can be a challenge. But at the end of the day, your differences might bring balance to the relationship.

A sensitive person isn't going to change — this is who they are. So rather than get frustrated or attempt to help your partner “get a backbone,” here are seven things to remember if you love a sensitive person.

1. They’re Going to Cry

A sensitive person is sometimes more emotional. Therefore, sensitive people might cry whether they're happy or sad. It's their makeup and their feelings can run deep. As someone who isn't as sensitive, you might feel that they're being dramatic or trying to get attention. This isn’t the case. Don't put down a sensitive person for being emotional, and don't tell him to “toughen up.”

Be Gentle with Constructive Criticism


Totally me!!!
people love when we are sensitive when it pertains to them, but often it bothers them when we're sensitive about things pertaining to ourselves
Drama Queen forever
Drama Queen forever
my be should read this
This is me!!!!
Nothing in this post that I don't relate to.
So me. I'm going to show this to my future partner
Awesome article! I can relate 100%
Describes me perfectly.
My eyes even teared up half way thru the post ;()
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