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Remember These 7 Things if You Love a Sensitive Person ...

By Valencia

Some people are more sensitive than others. They might get their feelings hurt more easily, and they might shed a tear quicker than other people. If this doesn't apply to you and you consider yourself a tough cookie, being in a relationship with someone who’s more sensitive can be a challenge. But at the end of the day, your differences might bring balance to the relationship.

A sensitive person isn't going to change — this is who they are. So rather than get frustrated or attempt to help your partner “get a backbone,” here are seven things to remember if you love a sensitive person.

1 They’re Going to Cry

A sensitive person is sometimes more emotional. Therefore, sensitive people might cry whether they're happy or sad. It's their makeup and their feelings can run deep. As someone who isn't as sensitive, you might feel that they're being dramatic or trying to get attention. This isn’t the case. Don't put down a sensitive person for being emotional, and don't tell him to “toughen up.”

2 Be Gentle with Constructive Criticism

Being in a relationship with someone who's sensitive doesn't mean you have to walk on egg shells or become a people-pleaser. It’s okay to offer constructive criticism, and if you have a concern, you should feel comfortable approaching this person. However, be gentle with your constructive criticism and choose your words carefully. If you're a so-called tough cookie, a negative tone or sarcasm might not bother you. But it might bother someone who's highly sensitive.


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3 Stop Saying, “don't Take It Personally”

If they could stop taking things personally, don't you think they would? Most sensitive people know they're sensitive. There's nothing they can do to change their personality or makeup. So while you might be able to let things go easily, it takes them a little longer to get over things.

4 They’re Intuitive

Sensitive people tend to be extremely intuitive, so they'll notice changes in your behavior or your tone of voice, even when you're trying to act like nothing is wrong. You might hold back making a comment or offering constructive criticism for fear that you'll hurt their feelings. But your silence can backfire because a sensitive person knows when you’re not being upfront. And the longer you go without expressing yourself, the more opportunity for them to misinterpret the situation and become upset.

5 They’re Good Listeners

People who are more sensitive also tend to be great listeners. If you're having a bad day and need to vent, these people will sit and listen to your problems. So you should extend the same courtesy. If you're in a relationship with someone who's highly sensitive, you might feel like he complains about the same thing over and over again. Just because you're tired of hearing about the same problem doesn't mean you should shut down or act like you're too busy to listen. He or she needs your support, and the best way you can offer support is by providing a listening ear.

6 Don’t Try and Change Their Views

If you're not a sensitive person, you might welcome a friendly debate and an opportunity to discuss your opinions or views. It's the complete opposite with someone who's sensitive. If they have a strong belief system, don't challenge or try to change their views. They might get offended and view this as an attack.

7 They're Concerned about Your Feelings

At the end of the day, most sensitive people are concerned about your feelings. They often treat others the way they expect to be treated. The same way they don't want people yelling at them or speaking at them sarcastically, they might refrain from using similar speech with others.

If you're a tough cookie and you're in a relationship with a sensitive person, you might butt heads from time to time. Just remember that although you're wired differently, the relationship can work. Be kind and don't try and change each other. What are other tips for being in a relationship with a sensitive person?

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