7 Revengeful Acts You Must Avoid after a Breakup ...


Breakups are difficult all the way around. You feel as if your heart is broken and you’ll never get over it. You also may feel like taking revenge against your ex. Even if he was wrong and the cause of your breakup, taking revenge isn’t a good idea. It’s much better to sit back and let karma do the job for you.

1. Slamming Him on Social Media

When things turn sour between you and your man, don’t turn to Facebook or Twitter to vent. While it may make you feel better momentarily, you’ll probably regret it later. Slamming him on Facebook makes you look bad, which is something you don’t want. Even though it’s difficult, choose to conduct yourself with manners and grace. That’s a decision that you’ll never regret.

Dating His Friends Just to Get Back at Him


peony blue
Just let him go. Whatever will be will will be!
He left me for a random girl he met on tinder I'm fuming I had no explanation nothing I want to try and move on but inside I'm confused and so hurt I want an explanation or something it's stupid. I agree with Carol Karma will do it's work!
AMEN, Carol!! Lol!!!
I agree 100% with this article. Although I really wanted to do some of things I didn't and just moved on. He hated that and begged me to take him back. Let karma do it's work. :)
I think you should get help. This post obviously has nothing to do with your situation. In NORMAL situations, you shouldn't do this stuff cause it makes you look bad.
My ex raped me after I had decided to end the abusive relationship ... Girls, yalls still think I should be quite?
She Loves Love
Didn't really label name I just did it musically. It was therapeutic for myself that's how I feel lol
She Loves Love
I trashed my ex on media indirectly though
@cassie haha you comment made me laugh! :P
I mean, only if he cheats should you key his car 😉 but seriously, trashing someone in social media is a huge no-no
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