3. Don’t Have Any Secrets

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You may have heard that the best relationships don’t have secrets. I beg to differ! While it’s great if you have an awesome connection and can talk about anything, you need to keep some things private. Let there be a little mystery in your relationship. It keeps your romance hot!

Work Every Issue out Immediately


So- I've been with my bf for more than 7 years. I never made our relationship a priority, it was always school and career first. Now I am not his priority and I want to now make our relationship a priority because our relationship is crumbling.
No.6 is horribly 100% wrong , nice article!
Sammi Anderson
Giving him something but that it!!! And help??
Sammi Anderson
I NEED HELP!!!! Ok so I'm a high school ice hockey coaches daughter. You like you know coaches daughter off limits for players to date. But I like one of the players and we've never talked except for thanks and your welcomeπŸ™„We touch hands when I was -
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