Snowy Days Are Made for Romantic Dates ...


Snowy Days Are Made for Romantic Dates ...
Snowy Days Are Made for Romantic Dates ...

The cold weather doesn't mean that you should stay under your blankets all day, because there are plenty of date ideas for snowy days. Some of them involve going out and embracing the snow, while others involve staying indoors and watching the flakes fall from your warm kitchen. Either way, you shouldn't use the snow as an excuse to sleep the day away. Here are a few of the cutest date ideas for snowy days:

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Ice Skating

It doesn't matter if you're unable to stay upright on the ice without falling. As long as you have your partner with you, you can hold onto them to keep steady. This is one of the most adorable date ideas for snowy days, because it'll keep you close to your mate. Never let them get too far away, because the fun part of skating is that you can talk and laugh while you do it.


Sleigh Ride

See if there's a place in your town that offers sleigh rides. As long as you're bundled up, sitting next to your partner on a carriage while enjoying the beautiful scenery is a date you'll always remember. It'll be just like the movies.



You can find a hill in your neighborhood or create your own miniature one in your backyard. Now find a sled that fits the both of you so you can slide down the hill together. If you're the proud owner of two separate sleds, then you can race to see who reaches the bottom first.


Sugar Cookies

If it's too chilly for you to step outside, don't feel bad about staying in the house. You don't have to be out in the snow in order to appreciate the winter. Instead, grab some dough, flour, and cookie cutters so you and your partner can create a batch of delicious treats.


Look at Lights

No matter what holiday you celebrate, you can appreciate all of the hard work people do to set up their yards. Walk or drive around town to see who has the best set of lights. It'll make you feel like a kid again.



If you're an athlete, you can always break out your skis. You won't be able to stay by your partner's side during the entire trip, but you can teach him how to stand correctly and race him to the bottom.


Holiday Shopping

You both need to get gifts, so why not take the trip to the mall together? No, you won't be able to get each other's presents, but you can take care of everyone else. It's a fun date that'll also be productive.


Photo Shoot

You should take advantage of the snow's beauty. If you don't have a perfect couple picture yet, then it's time to step outside to take one. If it comes out good enough, you could even use it for your holiday card.


Build Snowmen

The snow isn't reserved for children. Even though you're older, you can pack together some snow in order to make a snowman that looks like your mate. Have a competition to see whose looks the most realistic.


Gingerbread House

If you're too lazy to go outside and build a snowman, stay inside to build a gingerbread house. You can work together with your partner in order to see how well you collaborate, or you could each make your own separate house for another competition.


Holiday Movies

Even if you hate corny movies, they're fun to watch around the holidays. They always have a strong focus on family and love, so it's cute to watch when you're snuggled up next to your partner.

The snow doesn't have to ruin your date. It can make it all the more exciting! What other dates would you like to go on during a snowy day?

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