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9 Romantic Date Ideas for Winter That You'll Both Love ...

By Paula

When it starts to get a little bit cold outside, it can be tempting to cozy up indoors with your man rather than coming up with exciting date ideas for winter. But just because it’s snowing outside, doesn’t mean that you need to be boring – there are plenty of great date ideas for winter that will help you and your man to get close, you just need a bit of imagination, and some warm winter clothes!

1 Have a Carpet Picnic

I know I’ve just said you should get out there and try creative date ideas for winter, but there are also some great things you can do together at home! A romantic picnic indoors is a lovely way to spend your Saturday afternoon. Stock up on tasty treats – a Mediterranean theme is great as you can buy olives, cheese, deli meats and crusty French stick year round – and perhaps a nice warming red bottle of wine, then cozy down in front of the fire and feed each other.

2 Try Whisky Tasting

A trip to your local bar or distillery that offers tasting sessions is not only a great way to warm up, it’s also your chance to learn about the difference between a single malt and a 7 year old 107-proof! You’ll get to stay toasty, get a little tipsy and enjoy learning about whisky in cozy surroundings – the perfect winter date.

3 Get Cabin Fever

A weekend away at a log cabin or country cottage is a great way to snuggle down with the one you love, no matter how cold it is outside! Wrap up warm and head off on adventurous hikes in the woods or cook a delicious meal and hole up indoors for the weekend with your favourite movies. Switch off your mobile phone and just enjoy getting away from it all for a few days, it’s sure to bring you closer together!

4 Go Ice Skating

It might be a bit of a cliché, but ice skating at an outdoor rink is still one of the most romantic dates you can have this winter. It’s the perfect opportunity to hold hands and get a bit closer to your man whilst trying not to land on your bum, and if you’ve already got skills, it’s a great opportunity to show them off on the ice! Afterwards you can enjoy a hot chocolate to warm up.

5 Set up a Hot Chocolate Bar

Another great date idea to try at home is setting up your own hot chocolate bar. Stock up on chocolate, milk, whipped cream and mini marshmallows, and have a few miniature liquors to hand – Kahlua or Baileys are yummy! Then you can whip up the perfect hot chocolates for you and your other half to enjoy in front of the fire!

6 Learn a New Skill

Why not take a class together? Whether you’re passionate about photography or have always wanted to learn Thai cooking, taking a class together is a great date idea at any time of year, but even more so in the winter, as you’ll be nice and cozy indoors. Plus, if you take a cookery class, you can whip up a delicious meal with your new skills once you get home!

7 Have Fun Paintballing

You might be wondering how this is romantic, but once you and your man are on the same team, fighting for survival, all will become clear! You’ll need to wrap up warm for this date, but paintballing is a great adrenaline-fueled activity that will soon get your blood pumping. It’s exciting, active and will leave you both feeling great.

8 Take a Beach Trip

Take a trip to the beach this winter for a romantic date with a difference! The beach will usually be quieter at this time of year, so pack a picnic and a couple of big cozy blankets, park up and enjoy cuddling up on the sand, or take a long walk along the shore to collect shells and pebbles. A day out at the beach in winter is a really refreshing romantic date idea that you’ll both love!

9 Play Tourists

There’s bound to be loads of things in your town or city that you haven’t discovered, and winter is the perfect time to play tourist. So grab your camera and check out your local zoo or other attractions, take a boat trip or sign up for a walking tour – you’re sure to learn something new and have a great time together!

I personally love winter and think it’s one of the most romantic times of the year, whether you’re indoors or outdoors with the one you love! So whatever you get up to this winter, use a little imagination and think up fun things for the two of you to do. What’s the most romantic winter date you’ve ever been on?

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