8 Romantic 😍 Gestures That Are Worth πŸ’° a Second Date πŸ’ ...

Ladies, what romantic gestures are worth a second date?

We all know chivalry is basically dead. Men struggle to pull out the romantic stops nowadays, but any one of these gestures are definitely worth giving the guy a second date. Whether he opens doors for you, brings you flowers, or doesn’t try to get into your pants the minute the check comes, these are romantic gestures that are worth a second date.

1. Opening Doors

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From the minute your date starts, if there is a door that is opened for you, this is a great sign he has some manners. Let me tell you, a lot of guys don’t do this. Either he was raised right, or he believes in chivalry. Either way, this is one of the nicest romantic gestures to keep an eye out for!

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