Romantic Gestures to Put on Your to-do List ...

By Neecey

You don’t always need to say I love you to show how you feel about your SO. Romance in your relationship is just as important as love. Romance fuels love. Romance is a reminder of love. And a romantic gesture doesn’t have to be flashy or showy or dramatic. A small, sweet gesture still has heart-melting potential. Put some of these to the test.

Table of contents:

  1. love notes
  2. hold hands in public
  3. surprise picnic
  4. record a love message
  5. draw them a bath
  6. be a little mischievous
  7. cook a great meal
  8. vocalize your love
  9. dedicate a song to them
  10. take an interest in their hobbies
  11. leave a loving voice mail
  12. flash mob dance!
  13. give a foot rub
  14. spice up bedtime
  15. grab their favorite desert
  16. give sexting a go
  17. give him a shave
  18. give surprise gifts
  19. breakfast in bed
  20. give a lap dance
  21. always say goodnight with a kiss

1 Love Notes

Write little notes to one another declaring your love and the small things that make you love each other. Leave them around the house for an instant pick me up.

2 Hold Hands in Public

Holding hands in public lets your partner know that you are proud to be with them, and want to show your connection to others.

3 Surprise Picnic

A picnic is something that is relatively easy to organize and arrange in secret, and is something kind and personal that you can do for your loved one.

4 Record a Love Message

Secretly record a little love message on your partner’s phone and set it as their alarm. It’s a wonderfully romantic way to wake up.

5 Draw Them a Bath

Nothing says I love you like coming home to warm, bubbly bath that your partner has prepared for you. Relax, and give them a massage too!

6 Be a Little Mischievous

Tease him in a romantic way when he is trying to get some work done at home. You’ll be whetting his appetite for later in the evening!

7 Cook a Great Meal

Remember what his favorite meal is and prepare it as a surprise one evening. He might even offer to do the dishes as thanks!

8 Vocalize Your Love

Make the effort to say “I love you” out loud more often, the words are powerful and they can make a person feel so good.

9 Dedicate a Song to Them

Dedicate a song to the person you love when you are out at the local karaoke bar. Kind of cheesy but still romantic!

10 Take an Interest in Their Hobbies

Nothing says I love you more than taking an interest in your partner’s hobbies, no matter how much they aren’t ‘your thing’.

11 Leave a Loving Voice Mail

Leave your partner a romantic voice mail during the work day. It will give them a nice boost in the middle of a boring few hours.

12 Flash Mob Dance!

Plan an awesome flash mob dance as a birthday or anniversary surprise. They take a lot of planning but they are so worth it!

13 Give a Foot Rub

We all love a nice foot rub after a hard day at work, so show your partner that you love them by offering your massaging services.

14 Spice up Bedtime

Forget your pajamas one night and slip in to bed completely naked. He might not get to sleep, but I’m sure he won’t be mad!

15 Grab Their Favorite Desert

Stop at the store and pick up his favorite desert on your way home from work. It’ll be a sweet treat for him and bonus brownie points for you.

16 Give Sexting a Go

Sexting doesn’t have to just be thing for amorous teens. Give it a go and it might take your love life to new spicy level!

17 Give Him a Shave

Giving your man a shave can be a great exercise in both trust and intimacy, plus your man will be silky smooth for kissing!

18 Give Surprise Gifts

Don’t wait until Christmas and birthdays to give gifts; a few little surprise ones every now and then is a great way to show your affection.

19 Breakfast in Bed

Slip away to the kitchen whilst he is still asleep and present him with breakfast in bed. It’s a wonderful weekend treat.

20 Give a Lap Dance

Lap dances aren’t just for strippers; they can be a really intimate and sexy activity between two loving partners.

21 Always Say Goodnight with a Kiss

Ending each evening with a kiss will ensure that you go to bed full of love for each other. Always hit the pillow with affection, never in the middle of an argument.

What romantic gestures do you make for your partner? Would love to hear your ideas.

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