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By Holly

Instead of using your native language to express your emotions, try using romantic phrases from different languages. It will surprise your sweetheart in an adorable way. If they don't speak the language, then make sure you translate it for them, so they know just how nice you're being. There are hundreds of different things you could learn to say, but here are a select few of the romantic phrases from different languages:

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Qu'est-ce Que Je Ferais Sans Toi?

In French this phrase means, "What would I do without you?" If you want to tell your partner how much they mean to you, this is the perfect way to do so. It shows them that you can't stand the thought of living without them, because they mean the world to you. It's one of the romantic phrases from different languages that will make your mate swoon.


Tienes Los Ojos Más Bonitos Del Mundo

This is Spanish for, "You have the prettiest eyes in the world." It's a great compliment to use when you first start dating someone or when you're trying to flirt with a cutie, because it's not too serious. You're not confessing your love to them. You're just expressing your appreciation of their beauty.


Non Potrò Mai Smettere D’amarti

In Italian this means, "I will never stop loving you." Can you think of any possible thing that you'd rather hear? No one wants to imagine the love of their life leaving them because their feelings have changed. Everybody loves to be loved, so this phrase will put a grin on anyone's face.


Mein Herz Gehört Dir

In German this means, "My heart belongs to you." It's a fancy way of saying that you love someone. If you're going to admit your feelings for someone, you might as well do it in a poetic way. This phrase is a clever, romantic way to make your emotions sound as important as they actually are.


Dans Tes Bras C'est Mon Destin

In French this means, "My destiny is in your arms." If your partner believes in destiny, then they'll find this phrase as sweet as they find you. Plus, French is a language that just sounds romantic as it rolls off of your tongue, so they'll be pleased with you even before you translate your words.

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Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.

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Sono Dipendente Dei Tuoi Baci

This means, "I’m addicted to your kisses" in Italian. Practice saying this phrase so that the next time your partner kisses you, you can tell them how much you enjoy it. You're pretty much just telling them that they're a really good kisser, except you're saying it in a way that's incredibly romantic.


Tu Amor Vale Mas Que Millones De Estrellas

In Spanish this means, "Your love is worth a million stars." Even in your native language, this phrase is an adorable thing to say to someone. To make this sweet statement sound even better, say it while sitting outside and looking up at the sky. It'll create a romantic moment that neither of you will forget.

There are so many different languages out there, and they each contain beautiful words that can lift someone's spirits. How many languages are you fluent in? What's the most romantic thing that you know how to say?

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Mahal kita!

In italian is more correct to say "sono dipendente dai tuoi baci" ;)

Here in France we used to say "Mon destin est entre tes mains" instead of "dans tes bras c'est mon destin", which isn't in a good French ;)

y'fetweki ye. I love you in Tigrinya

Bring me your tits

ek is lief vir jou.. Afrikaans for I love you

i love it💕

The plain old "I love you," is "Ego amo te" in Latin.

It's simplemente tre's beau!

Love those phrases! I just wish I know how to pronounce it properly lol