The Most Romantic Tunes for Your Next Make-out Session ...


There are romantic songs to listen to when you're sitting around with your mate, ready to get a little closer. Music can set the mood or ruin it, which is why it's important to have a perfect playlist on hand. Don't you want every kiss to feel like magic? You'll have nothing to worry about as long as you download these romantic songs to listen to with your partner:

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Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

If you're not in the mood to kiss your partner, you will be after listening to Ed Sheeran's angelic voice. His song is about desperately wanting to kiss the woman he loves. There's no better feeling than your soulmate's lips pressed against yours, and Sheeran makes that clear with his charming lyrics and passionate voice. This is one of the most romantic songs to listen to while kissing, because Ed Sheeran knows exactly how to make someone swoon.


All of Me by John Legend

John Legend has quickly become one of the most romantic singers currently on the radio. This song is about loving every aspect of your significant other, even their flaws. This song captures the meaning of love, which is why it's perfect to listen to while kissing your mate.


Closer by Tegan and Sarah

Not all romantic songs have to be slow and sweet. This song is more upbeat, but it works well when you want to partake in a fun make-out session. It's about wanting to kiss someone, and promising that you won't treat them like everybody else.


R U Mine by Arctic Monkeys

Even if you disregard the lyrics, this song is perfect to kiss to, because the sound is so sexy. Of course, you might as well listen to the lyrics, since they'll make you fall even deeper in love with the song. The Arctic Monkeys are a great band to listen to while making-out, so if you enjoy this song, check out the rest of their music.


Kissing in Cars by Pierce the Veil

This song is all about falling in love for the first and last time. It's an amazing feeling that nothing can compete with. It doesn't matter how old or young you are, because love doesn't occur within a certain age group.


Marry Me by Jason Derulo

This song is about knowing you want to marry someone, even if you're not ready to do so today. You just know that in the future, they'll be the one that you'll walk down the aisle with. The music video that accompanies the song is extra cute, because it shows Jason Derulo with his real life girlfriend, Jordan Sparks.


Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

This is an older song that you probably recognize. It's about the idea that people say, "I love you" too often without proving that love with their actions. Instead of uttering those three little words, everyone should try to show their loved ones how much they care in other ways, as well.

If you're going to make-out with someone you really care about, you might as well attempt to make the moment as special as possible. Playing the right song may seem like something small, but it can work wonders. Do you and your partner have 'a song?' What is it?

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Pierce the veil & Ed Sheeran 😍

I never get bored of Chasing Cars, and I All of Me means a lot to me too. 😊

I don't have anyone to makeout with... But I ended up listening of some of these while devouring a stuffed crust pizza

Ed Sheeran slow songs and we're good with some trey and real rnb baby making music! Although savage garden I knew ❤️ and backstreet boys as long

Mine is : take my breath away. From Berlin

Pierce the Veil is honestly the best omg

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