The Most Romantic Tunes for Your Next Make-out Session ...

There are romantic songs to listen to when you're sitting around with your mate, ready to get a little closer. Music can set the mood or ruin it, which is why it's important to have a perfect playlist on hand. Don't you want every kiss to feel like magic? You'll have nothing to worry about as long as you download these romantic songs to listen to with your partner:

1. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

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If you're not in the mood to kiss your partner, you will be after listening to Ed Sheeran's angelic voice. His song is about desperately wanting to kiss the woman he loves. There's no better feeling than your soulmate's lips pressed against yours, and Sheeran makes that clear with his charming lyrics and passionate voice. This is one of the most romantic songs to listen to while kissing, because Ed Sheeran knows exactly how to make someone swoon.

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