7 Romantic Ways to Show Him Your Love ...

Are you looking for some ways to show your love for your guy? Of course he knows how you feel about him, but although guys are often stereotyped as unromantic, many of them do appreciate little gestures that show you love them. It can be tough to know what to do for a man however. So here are some simple ways to show your love – and one of two grander gestures …

1. Flowers

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One of the nicest ways to show your love is to buy your man a bunch of flowers. Yes, guys do appreciate flowers as well! It’s not just women who love them. So why not try bringing him a pretty bouquet – if he doesn’t appreciate them, you can enjoy them yourself. Plus you’ll know to try something different next time!

2. Weekend Away

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When you’re feeling flush, a weekend away can be a lovely way of treating your boyfriend. Whether it’s a city break, a romantic stay in the country, or even skiing, whether you suggest it to him or give him a surprise, he’ll be touched that you think so much of him. Even if you haven’t got too much spare cash, there are ways of having a cheap weekend away – visit friends, or try Couchsurfing.com.

3. Special Meal

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Having a special meal cooked for us is something that we all love. Candles, a smart table setting, music and wine will all make a meal special. It doesn’t have to be as a celebration of an occasion, but can be simply because you want to show how much you care. Or if what you both love is pizza and beer with your feet up on the table, then go for it. The important thing is that it’s a change from your normal routine.

4. His Hobby

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Does your man have a hobby that you just can’t see the point of? You don’t have to immerse yourself in something you don’t enjoy, but as an occasion “treat” for him, show an interest in his hobby. If it’s sports, and you aren’t into sport at all, buy tickets for both of you, just for once. He’ll really appreciate that you’re willing to try something that you’re not into, just for him.

5. Hug

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Of course, sometimes you can show how much you love your guy with the simplest gestures. Who doesn’t love a hug? We all need physical contact with other people, and it’s really good for your health and wellbeing. So surprise your guy with a hug when he isn’t expecting it, and he’ll be delighted.

6. Look into His Eyes

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You must have heard the saying about the eyes being the windows to the soul. So a really great way to show how you feel about someone is to look them directly in the eyes. It’s a way of opening up to someone you love, as it’s showing a vulnerability that we are often reluctant to do. If he’s any good at reading body language, he’ll recognise that you are showing him how you feel about him.

7. Gift

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Finally, guys also love gifts as much as we do. That doesn’t mean that you should buy him gifts regularly – overdoing it will make it less special, and you’ll look a bit obsessive. However, surprising him with a small gift occasionally when it’s not his birthday will be a lovely, and unexpected, gesture. It can be silly, fun, something he’d like – it doesn’t matter what you buy, the important thing is the surprise.

It can be tricky to find ways of showing that you love someone, but try these tips and see what works for your guy. Of course he’ll like to hear the words, but since we’re not going to say “I love you” all the time, gestures can be pretty effective as well. What special ways do you have of showing your love for your boyfriend or husband – has anything you’ve tried ever fallen embarrassingly flat?

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