7 Secrets about Dating That Only Women Know ...


Listen up guys because I am going to share with you some secrets about dating that only women know. If your dating scenarios always end up a mess and you can never get beyond the first or second date, even if you know you are perfect for each other, you must be doing something wrong. Having a few insider tips is not going to hurt is it? Getting the lowdown on some of the secrets about dating that only women know may well turn you from a dating disaster to a dating dream.

1. He is Flirting with Her but the Other Guys Think He is Being a Jerk

This is a really great one and is one of the secrets about dating that only women know. It is like a superpower that even the most perceptive men cannot tap into. Other men may even get aggressive and try to defend the woman, but she does not want defending. The β€œjerk” will say she needs to pay to get a guy to like her. She will see he is flirting, and the surrounding women will understand what is happening, but the men in the room will try to comfort the woman and tell her she is pretty and that he is a jerk.

The Woman is the One Who Chooses
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