7. The Truth about Sex

A lot of women like to cover up the fact they just want to get laid. For some reason there is a lot of fear based thinking that a woman will come off easy, desperate, or pathetic. But the truth is that sometimes a girl has needs also. We like to have sex just as much as a guy does. We don't talk about it as much sometimes, or we like to think we want more then just sex with someone, but the bottom line is just because we don't come off as looking for a quick lay doesn't mean it isn't there. This secret guys want to know helps everyone in the bedroom department.

The best thing is to be honest in what you're looking for when it comes to sexual matters. We can't read each others minds.

So girls, all men want to know is some basic information on us! The best thing we can do is be clear about our intentions, make sure we're honest, and go easy on the poor fellas. All they want is some more insight into how us as women think or would like to be treated. In return, this will help you to find the guy that you are searching for. There is less of the game play and questioning in the picture which makes a relationship with the guy that much better. Besides all these secrets guys want to know about girls, what else have you found guys asking you?

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Im not catty. I just dont hang with chicks n i always speak my mind. To hell with playing nice then start s**t behind their backs. Not my style. Another myth about us possibly.
Heather Jensen
That's such great advice! Thank you for that Ryan!
You need confidence while approaching a woman. Don't be scared if you get rejected. It's not like the world will end and there are no other womans available anymore. Just move on. But if you always st...
Heather Jensen
So true! Thanks for the great tip Amy and the comment!
Amy H
I think part of that attraction between older men and younger women comes from the classic protective instinct. There are always other factors, however! :)
@luke, at least you know you're too young. I'd say join clubs and make new friends. This won't much help you in the romance department with this specific girl, but it will help you with essential social skills, well-roundedness, and get your mind off this girl.
Lyndsie Robinson
Hi Tmac! Thanks for sharing your perspective with us! It's always great to hear from men, and your situation definitely provides a new view. I'm glad to hear it's working out so well for the two of...
As an older guy involved with a younger woman I can share my own insight. I'm 48 and she is 24. We have known and dated each other for 5 years. The attraction has been natural and progressive. When I ...
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