8 Hidden Secrets πŸ™Š That Will Hurt πŸ’” a Relationship πŸ’‘ ...

The subject of secrets in a relationship is an iffy one and there are some big time secrets that will hurt a relationship. Some people believe that there should be no secrets between two people who are committed to each other, while others believe a relationship is healthier if some things are kept secret.

However you feel about it, there are some secrets that will hurt a relationship, secrets that you shouldn’t keep from your partner. Relationships are built on love, trust and respect and even if some things are scary, by not being honest, you are putting that at risk. If a secret comes to light, it can lead your partner to think about what else could you be hiding, and wondering why you didn’t feel like you could tell him.

1. You Have Cheated in This Relationship or in the past

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This is never going to be an easy one to open up about. Of course, you shouldn’t cheat in the first place, but having an affair and keeping it secret can eat away at you and affect your relationship. The secrecy and lying about committing infidelity is not healthy. You can’t be committed to your future relationship if you are constantly worrying you might be found out. You have to be prepared also, that this might mean the end of your relationship so be ready to fight for it. Infidelity is one of the worst secrets that will hurt a relationship so talk it out right away.

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