7 Secrets to a Healthy Relationship That May Surprise You ...


Relationships require constant attention and nurturing, but speak to any older couple and you’ll pick up a few secrets to a healthy relationship. What is that ‘it’ factor that makes some relationships last, while so many seem to flounder? I’ve been very fortunate to have been around some long-lasting ‘till death do us part’ relationships, so here’s some secrets to a healthy relationship that may just surprise you.

1. Commitment is a Choice

Let’s be honest, divorce has become so commonplace. In exercising our right to choose divorce or separation, we’ve forgotten that commitment is a choice too, and sometimes it’s a choice that needs to be made daily. Love is more than just feelings; it’s a decision to put your relationship and the person you love above all else. Commitment is the cornerstone for a lasting and healthy relationship. And when you think about it, knowing you have that same commitment from your partner is an incredible thing that should never be taken for granted – it means that you’ve both promised to stand together no matter what comes your way. It means acknowledging that every relationship will go through ups and downs, but you’re both there for the long haul. And this commitment is one of the secrets to a healthy relationship.

Communicate Honestly and Tune in


Great. Article
Wouderful reading
Wonderful article. I'll be married 10 years this April, and I still find all of what you said to be true. Well done!
love this article very helpful. :-)
Favourite article I've read. Beautiful x
@Fran but everybody's not religious though, so it's not "needed" for a healthy relationship.
Love it!!! Something that also needs to be add for a healthy relationship... Is God!
Of all the articles I've read through this app, this one, by far.. Is my favorite!
Neat article :) One thing I would like to add is never brag about what u do fr each other tht will slowly lead to complication ., Care is other world fr love so alws show care fr each other.. Have a p...
This is a lovely and well written article :) very valid points
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