10 Top Secrets 🙊 You Actually Should 💯 Keep from Your Man 💏 ...


You've been told that healthy couples don't keep secrets. Of course, that's not entirely true. There are some things you can, and should, keep to yourself. According to Women's Health Mag, you should keep your lips sealed when it comes to these topics:

1. His Best Friend is Hot

His Best Friend is Hot

If his friend is attractive, he probably knows it already. There's no reason for you to point it out. If you do, he's only going to get self-conscious whenever you all hang out together.

You Stalked His Ex on Facebook


Rihab Mohamed
I tell my boyfriend when strangers hit on me and ask for my number, usually because I give them his number and the next day or a few hours he gets a text saying "Hey Beautiful"
I have done 5,6 all the time
Andie S
Really? Do people seriously need a list of what not to tell the gf/bf that's pathetic, these are all common sense! And obviously you're not supposed to tell them everything, you shouldn't be a wide open book anyway! >_>
Trust me when guys say just tell me the truth I'm not gonna be mad don't fall for that EVER they are gonna be mad!!!
His best friend is a girl, so I doubt he'd care if I said she was pretty. We don't know the full names of each other's exes, the best sex I've had is with him, I adore his parents, none of his clothes...
2 Who stalk their ex, low self-esteem and not healthy for the realitionship and 4,5,7 wtf
Add how many people you've slept with...
Sapna Pathak
Good points
Yara Assaad
Hollyyy I really like to read your articles i love it and it really helps me 😍😍😍
Pinkz Marquillero
I very much agree on this!
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