Sensitive Areas of the Body Where Everyone Loves to Be Kissed ...


Sensitive Areas of the Body Where Everyone Loves to Be Kissed ...
Sensitive Areas of the Body Where Everyone Loves to Be Kissed ...

There are sensitive areas of the body that are perfect for kisses. You don't want to feel the same thing over and over, and risk getting bored of the repetition. You want to keep your love life alive, and to do that, you have to realize how many super sensitive areas of the body there are. Here are a few of the best places to be kissed:

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You always hear people talk about how much they love neck kisses, and there's a good reason for it. If touched in the right way, neck kisses can be more sensual than anything else. It's one of the sensitive areas of the body that can make you swoon with a simple touch of the lips.


The delicate skin and proximity to the pulse point contribute to the neck’s responsiveness, sending a shiver down the spine with the slightest brush. It’s like a hidden gem that, when discovered, reveals an intensity of pleasure. With tender kisses or a gentle breath, this area has the potential to be highly seductive and intimate. The stimulation of nerve endings here can not only escalate passion but also deepen the connection between partners, affirming just why neck affection remains a classic in the art of romance.



Your stomach and hips are more sensitive than you would think. Plus, it helps raise your confidence. If you're insecure about your weight, the kisses prove that he loves you just the way you are. If he likes your body, than what's stopping you from liking it as well?


Kisses on the stomach and hips don't only tickle the nerve-endings in these areas, they also signal deep acceptance and affection. Emotional vulnerabilities often tie into how we perceive our body, and a partner's gentle touch can ease insecurities. It's an intimate gesture that says without words, "You are desirable in every aspect." As the warmth of his lips meets your skin, it ignites a cozy blend of comfort and romance, making you feel cherished and attractive in a very personal and profound way.



Chest kisses don't have to be provocative. Even when you're fully clothed, but have on a low-cut shirt, chest kisses are wonderful, because they're close to your heart. Of course, they're just as great the other way around, so don't forget to kiss your man all over. He'll love it as much as you do.



It goes without saying that this is a sensitive area. A trail of kisses up your legs is always exciting, because of the anticipation it entails. When you're with the person of your dreams, not much can go wrong. Everything is an adventure, and every kiss counts.


The thighs whisper secrets of intimacy, holding a delicate balance of vulnerability and excitement. Skirting the edges of passion, tender kisses here are like a promise waiting to be fulfilled. As the warmth of a breath precedes the soft press of lips, goosebumps rise in eager anticipation. Every gentle touch is magnified, a silent symphony that sets nerves alight with desire. In this dance of closeness, each caress is treasured, etching memories on the canvas of the skin. Savour the journey, for in these moments, the world fades away, leaving only the heartbeat of shared affection.



A kiss on the back of the hand is a sweet gesture. It’s not sexual, so it shows how much someone cares. Usually this is done before any kissing on the lips takes place, to show how polite he is. Of course, he can still kiss your hand when you're an item. When you're out in public or not in the mood for making out, it's an adorable gesture.


Kissing the hand has historical roots in chivalry and respect. It's an intimate act that can convey a sense of adoration and admiration. Among friends, it might be a playful and endearing gesture that lightens the mood. In romantic relationships, it serves as a poignant reminder of tenderness and affection. Be it during a quiet moment at home or while sharing a bench in the park, this traditional sign of devotion is a timeless way to express one's feelings without the need for words.


Upper Back

If he's laying behind you in bed, while you're facing away, he can still find ways to kiss you. Getting kissed on the back is always sweet, especially when you're dozing off and it's unexpected. As you're falling asleep, it reminds you that you have someone that loves you, and would do anything for you.


The upper back can be an unexpected canvas for affection, turning a simple moment into intimacy. This area doesn’t usually receive much attention, so a kiss here can feel particularly special. It's a gentle reminder of the unique bond you share. A kiss on the upper back can be both comforting and nurturing, symbolizing a protective embrace. It's a simple act that can speak volumes, conveying tenderness and a deep sense of security. In the tranquility of the night, this touch is more than just physical—it's a whisper of love that resonates with your soul.



This one is obvious, but who doesn’t love to be kissed flush on the lips? They have the most nerve endings, which makes them super sensitive. Plus, there are so many different ways to spice up lip kisses. You can add tongue, bite a bit, and suck on them. The variety keeps it exciting, which is why no one can resist the perfect kiss. Even though it's the most common gesture, and the very first one that couples start out with, you should never underestimate the power of a kiss on the lips.

Kissing is an intimate act that can make you swoon, swear, and sweat. It is the best way to feel alive, while feeling like you're cared about. Where do you love to be kissed? Can you remember what the best kiss you ever received was?

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Though I agree with Ya Tan about forehead. :)

Hmm out of the list, I personally am only okay with hands and occasionally lips. Everywhere else is a major no-no for me! It makes me physically ill if anyone touches my neck, stomach, or legs. Luckily my partner understands that and respects it

Lips tend to be almost overlooked because of how obvious it is, never underestimate a good lip kissing bonanza, talk about swooning!

You Forgot The Forehead

the sway of my back

Inside thigh

Write a comment ...neck☺️


Neck is great I hate being kisses in the stomach it absolutely makes me crack up lol!😀

Also forehead

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