Absolutely 💯 Awful 👎🏼 Ways to Tell Him 💬 It's over 💔 ...

Initiating a breakup is no easy matter. It's hard for both parties. If you're doing the dumping, at least you should do it with dignity and face to face, no matter how difficult it is. Technology has made it easy for us to break up in many ways - but that doesn't mean you should avail of them. Please, don't tell him it's over in any of these ways:

1. By Text

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One of the most important ways not to break up is via a stupid text message. No matter how long you have been together, this guy has dedicated a portion of his life to being with you; the least he deserves is a face-to-face breakup rather than a cowardly text message. It is impossible to translate real emotion over a text; the breakup will end up feeling much colder and more bitter than you may have wanted.

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