7 Seriously Obvious Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling ...


7 Seriously Obvious Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling ...
7 Seriously Obvious Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling ...

Marriage Counseling can be helpful in a variety of situations, large and small. Married life isn’t always easy. After the rush and excitement from the wedding and honeymoon fade away, reality sets in. But before you and the man that once meant so much you promised him forever throw in the towel, you should give marriage counseling a try. Here are 7 reasons to seek marriage counseling and save your marriage.

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We all know that money can sometimes get tight, especially in this economy. When there isn’t enough to go around, spouses can start playing the blame game. A marriage counselor will help you and your honey sort out these arguments and focus on the real issue.



Let’s be frank, cheating sucks. It puts a real damper on the trust and innocence of your marriage. However, if both of you are willing to recommit and reconcile, then marriage counseling is the first step. A marriage counselor will help you rebuild your trust in one another and get back on track.



Don’t believe the jokes about married people not having sex. Most married couples have a great sex life together. Although at times things do fall off course. The day-to-day stress and tedium of bills, work, kids, family and chores put stress on a marriage. That stress can flow over into the bedroom, leaving your marriage feeling lacking in passion and less than climactic. Marriage counseling can help you figure out what things in your life and relationship are putting a strain on your sexual life and get you back to normal.



You love our children, really, but they sure can turn you against each other at times. It’s no surprise, being that you were each raised in different families with different values and expectations. Counseling will get you to come together as husband and wife and work together as parents instead of against each other.



Does your husband ever talk and you just can’t make out the words he is saying? Or maybe you feel your husband isn’t listening to a word you say, or even worse, you both have just stopped talking all together. Learning how to communicate properly with one another is a skill marriage counseling helps build.



You shouldn’t carry anger and resentment towards your husband, but sometimes they just do the dumbest things. Counseling addresses those issues of pent up anger and resentment so you can get back to love your man with a complete heart. Building strength, trust, and coping mechanisms can be so beneficial.



Having trouble getting pregnant and creating the family you and your husband have planned can pull up many mixed emotions. As a women you may feel broken and inadequate. Your husband may feel less of a man. The truth is infertility isn’t either of your faults and seeking marriage counseling may not get you pregnant but it will address those mixed emotions you are having.

Marriage counseling is nothing to be ashamed of or to fear. Anything that can get you and your spouse back on track is a good thing. Whether you have large or small issues, marriage counseling can help you work through them -- together. Do you have any more advice to add to my 7 reasons to seek marriage counseling? Share your experience with us.

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She Cannot be young and attractive. Guess who my husband's other woman was? Go with a Pastor as a Marriage Counselor or a old woman with facial hair, maybe.

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