7 Sexiest Lingerie Garments ...


7 Sexiest Lingerie Garments ...
7 Sexiest Lingerie Garments ...

Feeling sexy is priceless for a woman, and there are few things that will make you feel sexier than the gentle caress of soft lingerie on your body; lingerie that not just looks great but also makes you fall in love with your own body, not to mention drives your partner mad with desire. With the variety on offer, you can get as wild and creative as you want with your lingerie. Here are the 7 sexiest lingerie garments that you must have in your wardrobe.

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Thongs and G-strings

Thongs and g-strings are panties designed for times when you are feeling wild, sexy and bold, and are expecting a bedroom experience that is not so subtle. A thong is a minimal panty that covers your front and has a narrow piece of cloth running down your bottom. A g-string is even more minimalist, and is nothing more than a string around your waist, a string down your bottom and a very narrow piece of cloth for the front. As you would expect, these garments are most popular amongst a young crowd, but there is hardly an age bar.



Another sexy lingerie garment is a peignoir. It is a lot more substantial and artistic than a thong or a g-string, and suited to anything but a ‘college girl’ sort of fling. It typically consists of a long gown and matching robe, and both are generally made of a material that is both sheer and weightless. It will leave you feeling dressed and exposed all at once; beautiful and sexy; and you will feel the cloth constantly flirting with your body and teasing you gently.



Corsets were invented a long time ago, and now they are mostly used to add spice to a sexual night. A corset will clasp your waist, lift your breasts and if you string it too tight, you will know exactly how Victorian women felt. If you have an hour glass figure and a sense of adventure, go for it!



A camisole is a very light and loose top supported by straps, which ends at the waist. The style has been adapted to lingerie as well as external wear. As a lingerie item (worn with matching panties), it is a great way to tease your partner and take the excitement a notch higher and that's what makes it one of the sexiest lingerie garments ever!


Garter Belts

You won’t wear a garter belt anywhere other than a bedroom and for any purpose other than to get hot and steamy, which is why it can figure nowhere other than on a list of the sexiest lingerie garments. Essentially, it is a piece of cloth you would wear around your waist, and it comes with straps that fix themselves on thigh-highs or sexy stockings.


Christmas Lingerie

This is not a specific style, but an entire range, and I simply cannot leave it out from a list of the sexiest lingerie garments. After all, Christmas is a time of fun, togetherness, holiday and sex! The atmosphere is all around you, all you need is lingerie to match the mood. Christmas lingerie is available in virtually every style.


Fantasy Lingerie

Even when it is not Christmas, there is no reason who you should not try a bit of sexy role play in your bedroom. Dress as a schoolgirl, a ballerina, a sailor, a vamp or anything that catches your fancy for the night. It can be a great surprise for your partner and cause an explosion in your sex life.

Treat this list like an initiation into the sexiest lingerie garments. Trust me, there is a lot to explore, and if you haven’t got started yet, you have an exciting experience in store for you. You can literally explore and reinvent your womanhood every night! Is your favorite lingerie garment on this list?

Top image source: brazilian-bikinis.org

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