7 Sexy Boudoir Shoot Tips ...


7 Sexy Boudoir Shoot Tips ...
7 Sexy Boudoir Shoot Tips ...

Looking for a few "get sexy" boudoir shoot tips? Whether you’re a bride-to-be hoping to create the perfect wedding day surprise, or a lady in love who just wants to spice things up this Valentine’s Day, a boudoir shoot is the perfect way to channel your inner siren. Not quite sure what to expect? These fun and simple boudoir shoot tips will have you looking and feeling hot in no time!

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Choose the Right Photographer

By far one of the most important boudoir shoot tips is to choose a photographer who will make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your session. Boudoir shoots are all about getting up-close-and-personal with the camera while wearing your skimpiest, sexiest lingerie, so having a trusting relationship with your photographer is a definite must. Since it can also take a while after the shoot for your pictures to be ready, be sure to book your session far enough ahead of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or whichever holiday you have in mind.


Unwind with a Glass of Champagne

Ah, the wonders of a little vino! While you certainly don’t want to be sloppy drunk during your boudoir shoot, a glass or two beforehand can help you let loose and feel as confident as ever once the camera starts to flash. Just don’t forget to pair your sips with a healthy snack, like veggies and low-fat dip. This will keep you from getting too tipsy without also feeling bloated.


Pack Bold Outfits

While you might want to bring along your favorite lingerie ensemble, don’t be afraid to pack a couple new or extra racy outfits, too. Shots of you draped in nothing but your honey’s favorite tie are sure to delight, as will poses showing off those hot new fishnets you picked out just for the shoot. After all, what fun is getting sexy if you don’t get to do a little shopping beforehand?


Just Smile

What’s sexier than a gorgeous smile? Nothing! So, even if you’re nervous or going for a more serious and sultry look in some of your shots, don’t forget to flash your pearly whites, too. Smiling big and even sneaking in a laugh or two will help you relax and remember why you’re doing the shoot in the first place – to have fun!


Get Glam

Have a glammed up, over-the-top look you’ve always wanted to try out? Your boudoir session is the perfect excuse to kick things up a notch with decadent jewelry, dramatic makeup and a sexy hairstyle. Book a professional artist to create just the right camera-ready look, or bust out the makeup kit and take things into your own hands with the help of your favorite smoky eye tutorial. You’ll find that getting all dolled up is actually half the fun!


Practice Poses

Your photographer may have suggestions about which positions and poses will showcase you at your sexiest, but it doesn’t hurt to bring along a few ideas of your own, too. Search the web, scour magazines, and check out your photographer’s sample albums to get ideas. Then, be sure to practice in front of a mirror at home, so that when the time comes, you’ll be ready to rock.


Make It a Girls’ Night

What’s even more fun than getting sexy on your own? Doing it with a few of your best friends! Boudoir shoots are one of today’s hottest photography trends, perfect for shaking up your bachelorette hijinks or adding a twist to your usual girls’ night out. While each girl should of course have her own private session with the photographer, making a party out of getting ready is guaranteed to make the shoot even more exciting and a whole lot less awkward.

Well, now that you’ve shopped, glammed it up and practiced your heart out, it’s time to get rolling! Have you ever done a boudoir shoot, or do you have one coming up? Which boudoir shoot tips do you think are absolute musts?

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I so want to do this! It's just for me finding the right photographer.

This is on my bucket list !! And gonna do it this year when I turn 30! Been working out hard everyday! Found a photographer by me that's all women, and they have a salon that makes you look fabulous before the shoot!

Yes, smile! That's a really big thing. I used to have an assistant photographer who thinks that smiling in boudoir isn't sexy, but a previous boudoir client thanked me for helping her find her sexy! All I did was ask her to smile!

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